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1/16/2022Draw Near to Godmp3ppt
1/9/2022New Year Resolutionmp3ppt
1/7/2022Love your family (non-Christian)mp3ppt
1/2/2022Prayer Meetingmp3ppt
12/5/2021Prayer Meetingmp3ppt
11/28/2021 與復活的主同活 3mp3 ppt
11/21/2021與復活的主同活 2mp3ppt
11/14/2021與復活的主同活 1mp3ppt
11/07/2021Prayer Meeting 平 穩 安 靜mp3ppt
10/31/2021 Fulfill What Has Been Entrusted Me 4mp3ppt
10/24/2021 Love Your Neighbormp3ppt
10/17/2021The Disciple Faithmp3ppt
10/10/2021Fulfill What Has Been Entrusted Me 3mp3ppt
09/26/2021Fulfill What Has Been Entrusted Me 2mp3ppt
09/19/2021Fulfill What Has Been Entrusted Memp3ppt
09/12/2021Disciple learnermp3ppt
09/05/2021Work as a Teammp3ppt
09/03/2021Cat’s InterviewYouTube
09/03/2021Witnessing for Godmp3ppt
08/29/2021Make Disciplesmp3ppt
08/22/2021Make Disciplesmp3ppt
08/20/2021Make Disciplesmp3ppt
08/08/2021Vision Seeing 2mp3ppt
08/01/2021Vision Seeingmp3ppt
07/18/2021Spiritual Habits – Worshipmp3ppt
07/11/2021Spiritual Habits – Bread Breaking3mp3ppt
07/04/2021Spiritual Habits – Bread Breaking2mp3ppt
06/27/2021Spiritual Habits – Bread Breakingmp3ppt
06/20/2021Spiritual Habits – Meeting 2mp3ppt
06/13/2021Spiritual Habits – Meeting 1mp3ppt
05/16/2021Spiritual Habits – Prayermp3ppt
05/09/2021Mother’s Daymp3ppt
04/25/2021Spiritual Habits – Reading Biblemp3ppt
04/18/2021Spiritual Habits – Reading Biblemp3ppt
01/22/2021The Great Commissionmp3ppt
01/08/2021Oakland 教會教會目標mp3ppt
01/03/2021Celebration of 2020Video
12/06/2020Interview with IreneVideo
11/29/2020Worship Godmp3ppt
11/22/2020Ps 66mp3ppt
11/08/2020Hidden Lovemp3ppt
10/25/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 4mp3ppt
10/18/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 3mp3ppt
10/11/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 2mp3ppt
10/11/2020Ming & Doreen InterviewVideo
9/27/2020Interview with Tsui YanVideo
9/6/20202020 Oakland Camp Glorify God Togethermp3ppt
9/6/2020Sandy Interviewmp3
9/5/20202020 Oakland Camp Glorify God Togethermp3ppt
8/23/2020Interview with MJmp3Video
7/26/20202 Pet 等候主再來mp3ppt
7/19/20202 Pet 不斷長進, 更深認識mp3ppt
7/12/20202 Pet 長進mp3ppt
6/28/20202 Pet 不斷長進mp3ppt
6/21/20202 Pet Intromp3ppt
6/14/20201 Peter Ch. 5mp3ppt
5/31/20201 Peter Suffer as Christ Sufferedmp3ppt
5/24/20201 Peter Humility & Submission 2mp3ppt
5/17/20201 Peter Humility & Submissionmp3ppt
5/10/20201 Peter 盼望 – 聖潔 – 敬畏 2mp3ppt
4/26/20201 Peter 盼望 – 聖潔 – 敬畏mp3ppt
4/19/20201 Peter 寄居的mp3ppt
4/12/20201 Peter 活潑的盼望mp3ppt
4/5/2020Goals in Pandemic (Prayer Meeting)mp3ppt
3/29/2020Glorious Hope The Eternitymp3ppt
3/22/2020Glorious Hope The Millenniummp3ppt
3/15/2020Sunshine In Pandemicmp3ppt
3/8/2020Glorious Hope 7 Year Tribulation Chartppt
3/8/2020Glorious Hope 7 Year Tribulationmp3ppt
3/6/2020Prophecy- Seventy Weeksmp3ppt
2/23/2020Glorious Hope – Rewardsppt
2/21/2020Prophecy- Tyremp3ppt
2/16/2020Glorious Hope Rapturemp3ppt
2/9/2020Glorious Hope Overviewmp3ppt
1/26/2020Church Visionmp3ppt

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