12/27Northern California Reunionmp3ppt
12/13Royal Priesthood – Priest of the Good Newsmp3 
11/22Royal Priesthood – Serving in the House of Godmp3ppt
11/15Royal Priesthood – Essence of Priest (II)mp3ppt
11/08Royal Priesthood – Essence of Priest (I)mp3ppt
10/25Hebrews 10-12mp3ppt
10/18Hebrews 8-9mp3ppt
10/11Hebrews – 耶穌照著麥基洗德的等次成了永遠的大祭司mp3ppt
10/04Prayer Meetingmp3 
09/27Hebrews – Jesus is our High Priest (I)mp3ppt
09/20Church – From Mystery to Realitymp3ppt
09/06Retreat – Church: Closing Remarksmp3 
09/05Retreat – Church: Let’s Buildmp3 
09/04Retreat – Church: Understanding God’s Planmp3 
08/23Church – Lamp Standmp3ppt
08/16Church – The Ones being called outmp3ppt
08/14Church – One in Christmp3mp3 -2
08/09Church – God’s eternal willmp3 
07/26Daniel III – Godlinessmp3ppt
07/19Daniel II – Faithmp3ppt
07/12Daniel – Living in a world of conflictmp3ppt
06/28God’s Name – Meditate Name of Jehovahmp3ppt
06/21God’s Name – 8 Jehovah Shammahmp3ppt
06/14God’s Name – 7 I-am of Son of Godmp3ppt
06/05God’s Name Fri Bible Study – Jehovah Nissimp3ppt
05/24God’s Name V – Jehovah Shalommp3ppt
05/22God’s Name Fri Bible Study – El Roimp3 
05/17God’s Name IV – Jehovah Jirehmp3ppt
05/10God’s Name III – Yahwehmp3ppt
04/26God’s Name II – El Shaddaimp3 
04/24God’s Name Fri Bible Study I – Elohim/ElShaddaimp3ppt
04/19God’s Name I – Elohimmp3ppt
04/12作21世紀 神的祭司 – Imp3ppt
04/12作21世紀 神的祭司 – IImp3 
04/05Praying Meetingmp3 
03/15Praying Persons – Moses (Part 2)mp3ppt
03/07Praying Persons – Moses (Part 1)mp3ppt
03/012015 Church Reorgmp3ppt
02/2740 Days of Prayer – Fasting and Surrendermp3
02/2240 Days of Prayer- Experience Joy through Prayermp3ppt
02/1540 Days of Prayer- Experience Peace through Prayermp3ppt
02/0840 Days of Prayer- Experience Love through Prayermp3ppt
01/3040 Days of Prayer – Difficult Questionsmp3(1)mp3(2)
01/2540 Days of Prayer – To whom we pray – (II)mp3 
01/2340 Days of Prayer – Persistent Prayermp3 
01/1840 Days of prayer – To whom we praymp3ppt
01/1640 Days of prayer – Getting Startedmp3ppt
01/1140 Days of Prayer – 你們得不著、是因為你們不求。mp3ppt
01/0940 Days of Prayer Introductionmp3ppt