Jonathan’s Story with Jesus | Jonathan 的見證

My name is Jonathan, and I am currently a 2nd-year college student. I am a student at CCSF transferring this upcoming fall to Cal Poly SLO, and I enjoy doing outdoor activities that allow me to escape my house while getting much-needed sunlight.

I knew about Jesus from my parents at a young age, which is a true blessing to me as I was able to experience Jesus at an earlier stage of life. I go to church weekly with my parents and have been going before I could even walk or talk!

I had many doubts and questions regarding God and the salvation of Jesus since no one in this world alive has ever seen God or Jesus dying and resurrecting for us. It is tough to be firm in your stance on something that isn’t really provable physically or visually, which was a significant negative factor that made me lose strength in my faith. I also questioned the validation of God’s work and how it didn’t make sense from a worldly standpoint. However, through reading God’s word, praying, and discussing faith with brothers and sisters, I was able to slowly rebound and make a positive turning point in improving my faith and belief in Jesus!

Initially, I went to church just because it was just something I did on a regular weekly basis. However, over time I began to realize the importance of fellowship and church, and my mindset changed. I needed church and fellowship to grow and share my faith with other brothers and sisters, which made me enjoy and cherish church and, as a result, motivated me to continue going. While I continue to have doubts and discouragements throughout my journey as a Christian, I continue to put my faith in Jesus.  I believe He is in control and knows the best for me regardless of if His plans may be the way that might not be in my favor. 

我叫Jonathan,是一名大二學生。我是 CCSF 的一名學生,即將在今年秋季轉學到 Cal Poly SLO。我喜歡戶外活動。這些活動讓我可以在離開家門的同時也能吸取身體需要的陽光。