Ming’s Story of Faith | 錦明的見證

An Ordinary Childhood
Growing up, I was a shy and quiet child.  I was not the best nor the worst in almost everything.  I lived like most of the kids I knew until…

A Quest for Meaning
When I was a teenager, my life was up and down. I continued to live and do things just like everyone else, going to school to get better grades. Things began to fall into place during the latter part of high school. During this period, I also began to ask, “What is the meaning of life?”

Stumbling on the Question
The meaning of life was a challenging question to answer for me. Although I thought about it, I talked to others and read books; still, that answer was very elusive.  Eventually, I concluded that to find the answer to the meaning of life, I have to find where I come from. 

I studied science and the theory of evolution, which at the time was a very popular theory to explain the existence of humans. Many accepted it without question nor fully understood it. But, on the other hand, I found that it has so many holes in the theory that it requires an extraordinary amount of faith to accept it. 

The other common alternative to the question was that God created humans.  I found that equally difficult to accept at the time.  How could you prove the existence of God?  Even if you could prove it, how could you determine Who He was? There were so many “Gods” in this world.

A Downward Spiral
Failure to find the meaning of life resulted in my lost interest in most things. The only thing that prevented me from the total collapse was I still hoped that one day I would find the answer to the question.

A Pleasant Surprise
One day one of my classmates approached me while I was reading Nietzsche’s God is Dead. He invited me to join his church meeting, which I have accepted without hesitation.  In the meeting, I found out Christians’ belief in God was not without evidence. On the contrary, they have cited so many proofs that I found it very reasonable to believe in God even though I cannot see Him.  Eventually, I believed in God. 

A Renewed Life
After I had concluded that God created humans, I started to search in the Bible why God created us and what was the meaning of life.  After discovering the answer in the Bible, my outlook on life changed.  I not only have regained interest in living, but I also have the strength and determination to fulfill the meaning of life.  There are more ups and downs in my life now, but no matter what happens to me, I move on toward fulfilling my life’s purpose, and life is beautiful because of this.