SERMON ARCHIVE 2016 – 2020 信息重溫

12/06/2020Interview with IreneVideo
11/29/2020Worship Godmp3ppt
11/22/2020Ps 66mp3ppt
11/08/2020Hidden Lovemp3ppt
10/25/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 4mp3ppt
10/18/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 3mp3ppt
10/11/2020一同榮耀神 – 大衛 2mp3ppt
10/11/2020Ming & Doreen InterviewVideo
9/27/2020Interview with Tsui YanVideo
9/6/20202020 Oakland Camp Glorify God Togethermp3ppt
9/6/2020Sandy Interviewmp3
9/5/20202020 Oakland Camp Glorify God Togethermp3ppt
8/23/2020Interview with MJmp3Video
7/26/20202 Pet 等候主再來mp3ppt
7/19/20202 Pet 不斷長進, 更深認識mp3ppt
7/12/20202 Pet 長進mp3ppt
6/28/20202 Pet 不斷長進mp3ppt
6/21/20202 Pet Intromp3ppt
6/14/20201 Peter Ch. 5mp3ppt
5/31/20201 Peter Suffer as Christ Sufferedmp3ppt
5/24/20201 Peter Humility & Submission 2mp3ppt
5/17/20201 Peter Humility & Submissionmp3ppt
5/10/20201 Peter 盼望 – 聖潔 – 敬畏 2mp3ppt
4/26/20201 Peter 盼望 – 聖潔 – 敬畏mp3ppt
4/19/20201 Peter 寄居的mp3ppt
4/12/20201 Peter 活潑的盼望mp3ppt
4/5/2020Goals in Pandemic (Prayer Meeting)mp3ppt
3/29/2020Glorious Hope The Eternitymp3ppt
3/22/2020Glorious Hope The Millenniummp3ppt
3/15/2020Sunshine In Pandemicmp3ppt
3/8/2020Glorious Hope 7 Year Tribulation Chartppt
3/8/2020Glorious Hope 7 Year Tribulationmp3ppt
3/6/2020Prophecy- Seventy Weeksmp3ppt
2/23/2020Glorious Hope – Rewardsppt
2/21/2020Prophecy- Tyremp3ppt
2/16/2020Glorious Hope Rapturemp3ppt
2/9/2020Glorious Hope Overviewmp3ppt
1/26/2020Church Visionmp3ppt
12/29/20192020 Goalsmp3ppt
12/15/2019Cell Groupsmp3ppt
12/08/2019Cell Groupmp3ppt
11/27/2019Thanksgiving Sharingmp3
11/24/2019Daniel-Thanksgiving & Prayermp3ppt
11/17/20191st Thesalonia-Build Churchmp3ppt
11/15/2019Nehemiah 1mp3ppt
11/10/2019Timothy 2mp3ppt
11/1/2019Ezra 5mp3ppt
10/27/2019Timothy 1mp3ppt
10/18/2019Ezra 4mp3ppt
10/13/2019Blessed Lifemp3ppt
10/04/2019Zechariah 5mp3ppt
9/29/2019Building God’s Family Josephmp3ppt
9/22/2019Building God’s Familymp3ppt
9/8/2019Sharing of the Campmp3ppt
9/6/2019Build Church-Prayer by Chi Faimp3ppt
9/1/2019建造神家-相愛與禱告 Labor Day Campmp3ppt
8/31/2019建造神家-相愛與禱告 Labor Day Campmp3ppt
8/25/2019God’s Familymp3ppt
8/23/2019Zechariah 4mp3ppt
8/18/2019Church 3mp3ppt
8/18/2019Kerry’s Sharingmp3
8/11/2019Bro/Sis Sharingmp3
8/9/2019Zechariah 3mp3ppt
7/28/2019The Lord’s Regroupmp3ppt
7/26/2019Zechariah 2mp3ppt
7/21/2019Church Regroupmp3ppt
7/14/2019Expand Territorymp3ppt
7/14/2019Restart San Josemp3ppt
7/12/2019Zechariah 1mp3ppt
6/30/2019Remember the Lordmp3ppt
6/23/2019Foundation of the Templemp3ppt
6/14/2019Ezra 3mp3ppt
5/19/2019Building Altarmp3ppt
5/17/2019Ezra 2mp3ppt
5/12/2019Mother’s Day TributeVideo
5/12/2019Building Church Togethermp3ppt
5/5/2019Prayer Meetingmp3
5/3/2019Ezra 1mp3ppt
4/28/2019Who is yor Lordmp3ppt
4/21/2019Resurrected Lordmp3ppt
4/19/2019Resurrected Lordmp3ppt
4/14/2019Joyful Lifemp3ppt
3/31/2019Afternoon Sharing Sacramentoppt
3/31/2019Afternoon Sharing San Franciscoppt
3/31/2019Afternoon Sharing Oaklandmp3ppt
3/31/2019Breadbreaking & New Testamentmp3ppt
3/24/201940 Day Living the Eternal Lifemp3ppt
3/22/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life DNTG Paul’s Lettersmp3ppt
3/17/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life I am the Resurrectionmp3ppt
3/10/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Light of the Worldmp3ppt
3/8/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life DNTGmp3ppt
2/24/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life John 6mp3ppt
2/22/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Draw Near to Godmp3ppt
2/17/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life John 5mp3ppt
2/8/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Read Biblemp3ppt
2/3/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Prayer Meetingmp3
1/27/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Water to Wine 2mp3ppt
1/25/2019DNTG Read Biblemp3ppt
1/20/201940 Day Living the Eternal Life Intro 2mp3ppt
1/13/201940 Day Living the Eternal Lifemp3ppt
1/11/2019knowing Jesusmp3ppt
1/6/2019New Year Celebrationmp3ppt
1/6/2019New Year Celebrationppt
12/30/2018New Beginingmp3ppt
12/16/2018Nativity 2mp3ppt
12/14/2018Reading Bible in Christmp3ppt
11/25/20182018 Thanksgiving Sharingmp3
11/18/2018Center of the Biblemp3ppt
11/11/2018a present God given to Jesusmp3ppt
11/2/2018Pray According to God’s Willmp3ppt
9/23/2018Church – Church History 2mp3ppt
9/16/2018Church – Church History 1mp3ppt
8/26/2018Church – Everyonemp3ppt
8/19/2018Church – Facing Challengesmp3ppt
8/12/2018Church – Cooperate with the Holy Spiritmp3ppt
8/5/2018Prayer Meetin -Choose the Lordmp3
7/29/2018Church – Acts 2mp3ppt
7/22/2018Church – Acts 1mp3ppt
7/15/2018Church – I Will Build My Churchmp3ppt
7/14/2018Church – Church Lifemp3ppt
7/8/2018Church – The Will of God 3mp3ppt
6/24/2018Church – The Will of God 2mp3ppt
6/17/2018Church – The Will of Godmp3ppt
6/10/20186/3/2018 The Groom in Gloryppt 
6/3/20186/3/2018 prayer meetingmp3 
5/27/2018The Groom in glorymp3ppt
5/20/2018The king in glory 2mp3ppt
5/13/2018The king in glorymp3ppt
5/6/2018Prayer meetingmp3 
5/4/2018SE Asia Trip Sharing – Calvin & Mandymp3ppt
4/29/2018The Lamb in Glorymp3ppt
4/22/2018The Son of Man in Glory – Churchmp3ppt
4/15/20183 City Reunion – Israelmp3ppt
4/15/20183 City Reunion – Life that Makes an Impact ppt
4/15/20183 City Reunion – Seeing God’s Glorymp3ppt
4/8/2018The Son of Man in Glorymp3ppt
3/25/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Onemp3ppt
3/23/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Conclusionmp3ppt
3/18/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Santificationmp3ppt
3/11/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Knowing the Father & the Sonmp3ppt
3/9/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Santificationmp3ppt
3/4/2018Making Decision for the Good Portionmp3
2/25/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Knowing the Fathermp3ppt
2/23/201840 Days on God’s Commission Scripturemp3ppt
2/18/201840 Days on God’s Commission – Baptismmp3ppt
2/11/201840 Days on God’s Commissionmp3ppt
2/9/201840 Days on God’s Commissionmp3ppt
02/04/201840 Days on God’s Commission Prayer Meetingmp3
1/28/201840 Days on God’s Commission Mat 5: -7:mp3ppt
1/21/201840 Days on God’s Commission Gomp3ppt
1/14/201840 Days on God’s Commissionmp3ppt
1/12/201840 Days on God’s Commission Prepmp3ppt
1/12/201840 Days on God’s Commission Prep 2mp3
1/12/201840 Days on God’s Commission Prep 3mp3
12/31/2017Beginning a New Yearmp3ppt
12/10/2017Rejoice Alwaysmp3ppt
11/26/2017Sharing Part 2mp3
11/26/2017Sharing Part 1mp3
11/19/2017Rejoice Alwaysmp3ppt
10/22/2017Loving God – Relationship with Father (II)mp3ppt
10/22/2017Loving God – Relationship with Father (I)mp3ppt
10/15/2017Church Purpose _ Loving One Anothermp3ppt
10/08/2017Church Purpose _ Loving Godmp3ppt
10/01/2017Church Purpose _ Realizationmp3ppt
09/17/2017Oakland 20th Anniversary Afternoonmp3
09/17/2017Oakland 20th Anniversarymp3ppt
09/010/2017Transfiguration & Transformationmp3ppt
09/04/20172017 Camp Only You Day 3 Pt 2mp3
09/04/20172017 Camp Only You Day 3 Pt 1mp3
09/03/20172017 Camp Only You Day 2 Pt 2mp3
09/03/20172017 Camp Only You Day 2 Skit VideoVideo
09/03/20172017 Camp Only You Day 2 Pt 1mp3ppt
09/02/20172017 Camp Only You Day 1mp3
08/27/2017Colossians Using God’s Giftmp3ppt
08/20/2017Colossians Relationshipmp3ppt
08/13/2017Colossians Emperor’s New Clothesmp3ppt
07/30/2017Colossians Heavenly Lifemp3ppt
07/23/2017Colossians Growing in Christmp3ppt
07/16/2017Colossians Response to Supremacy & Sufficiencymp3ppt
07/09/2017Colossians Supremacy & Sufficiency of Christmp3ppt
07/02/2017Virginia Sharingmp3
06/25/2017Colossian 1mp3ppt
06/18/2017Christian Fellowshipmp3ppt
06/11/2017同來活出建造神家 – Review & Discussionmp3ppt
05/28/2017同來活出建造神家 – 神家生活mp3ppt
05/21/2017同來活出建造神家 – 百節各按各職mp3ppt
5/14/2017同來活出建造神家 – 連於元首基督sharing, messageppt
4/30/2017同來活出建造神家 – Become Onemp3ppt
4/23/2017Afternoon Charity Works Sharingmp3
4/23/2017同來活出建造神家 – Fellowshipmp3ppt
4/21/2017Vancouver Sharingmp3
4/9/2017同來活出建造神家 – Overviewmp3ppt
4/7/2017Friday Fellowship- Realize and Build God’s Familymp3ppt
4/2/20172017 Reunion- Realize and Build God’s Familymp3ppt
4/2/20172017 Reunion- Afternoon Sharingmp3
3/26/2017Passion 2017 – Treasure Your Timemp3ppt
3/24/2017Passion 2017 – 禱告的再學 撒母耳mp3ppt
3/19/2017Passion 2017 – Love God Moremp3ppt
3/12/2017Passion 2017 – Love God with All Your Strengthmp3ppt
3/10/2017Passion 2017 – Prayermp3ppt
2/26/2017Passion 2017 – Love God with All Your Mindmp3ppt
2/24/2017Passion 2017 – Relearning How to Pray-Mosesmp3ppt
2/19/2017Passion 2017 – Love God with All Your Soulmp3ppt
2/10/2017Passion 2017 – Prayerpart1 part2ppt
1/29/2017Passion 2017 – Love God with our Heartmp3ppt
1/22/2017Passion 2017 – Love God with All …mp3ppt
1/15/2017Passion 2017 – Prepmp3ppt
1/13/2017Passion 2017 – Intromp3ppt
1/8/2017Armor of God – Witnessing Lifemp3ppt
1/1/2017Choosing the Lordmp3
12/11/2016Armor of God – Witnessingmp3ppt
12/04/2016Prayer Meeting & Sharingmp3 
12/02/2016雅歌 – 你用眼一看,用你項上的一條金鍊,奪了我的心 2mp3ppt
11/20/2016Armor of God – IImp3 
11/13/2016Armor of God – Imp3 
11/04/2016雅歌 – 你用眼一看,用你項上的一條金鍊,奪了我的心mp3 
10/23雅歌 – 2:1-7mp3ppt
10/16雅歌 – 1:8-10mp3ppt
10/09雅歌 – 1:5-7mp3ppt
10/02雅歌 – Thoughts of Lovemp3ppt
09/25雅歌 – meditationmp3ppt
09/23雅歌 – 1:1-5mp3ppt
09/18雅歌 I – 引言: 你需要神和他的愛mp3 
09/11Continue to Choose Lordmp3 
09/05Retreat Camp – Lord I Choose You (Closing)mp3 
09/04Retreat Camp – Lord I Choose You (Self-control)mp3 
09/03Retreat Camp – Lord, I Choose You (I)mp3 
08/28Lord, I Choose You – callingmp3ppt
08/21Lord, I Choose You – 全心愛神mp3ppt
08/14Lord, I Choose You – Faith to Lifemp3ppt
07/31務要認識耶和華 – Fill with the Holy Spiritmp3ppt
07/24務要認識耶和華 – 保惠師 3mp3ppt
07/17務要認識耶和華 – 保惠師 2mp3ppt
07/10務要認識耶和華 – 保惠師mp3ppt
06/26South Africa Sharing – Doreenmp3 
06/26務要認識耶和華 – 認識進入父美麗的心mp3ppt
06/19務要認識耶和華 – 一生牧養我直到今日的父mp3ppt
06/12務要認識耶和華 – 認識父的心,神的愛念mp3ppt
05/30務要認識耶和華 – 認識父的心,作神真親孩子mp3ppt
05/23務要認識耶和華 – Our Father in Heavenmp3ppt
05/21務要認識耶和華 – Zephenian (Fri)mp3ppt
05/15務要認識耶和華 – Father, Son, Spiritmp3ppt
05/01務要認識耶和華 – The Only True Godmp3ppt
04/2440 Days worship – Raised and seated with the Lordmp3ppt
04/1740 Days worship – The Risen Lordmp3ppt
04/1040 Days worship – 我的父,也是你們的父, 我的神,也是你們的神mp3ppt
03/2040 Days worship – Fruit of the Cross / Resurrectionmp3ppt
03/1340 Days worship – 成了與寶血的功效mp3ppt
02/2840 Days worship – Jesus 7 words on the Crossmp3ppt
02/2640 Days worship – How to read Biblemp3 
02/2140 Days worship – The Love of the Crossmp3ppt
01/3140 Days worship – Lord’s Love Journey on Earthmp3ppt
01/2440 Days worship – Word Became Flesh w/ Meditation Techniquemp3ppt
01/1740 Days worship – Eternal Love Plan of Godmp3ppt
01/1540 Days worship – Getting started – Meditationmp3ppt
01/10Foundation of Worshipmp3ppt
01/03Prayer Meeting – 1 Timmp3