Airi’s Story with Jesus

My name is Airi. I’m 11 years old and currently attending 5th grade. I go to LME and love to eat, sleep, and hang out in my room. I’m also a proud owner of some amazing pets, but I don’t really like school that much. I love being in the band and choir, and I attend church every Sunday.

So, how did I get to know God? Well, my mom used to go to Three Crosses, but I didn’t go with her. Later on, my friend Adora and her family took me to the Church of God in Oakland, and that’s where I was introduced to God and made some great friends.

I did have a big problem once when my family got COVID, but I didn’t. I had to quarantine in my room while they were all sick, and then when I got it, I had to quarantine in my room again because I was the only one who had it. But God helped me through that tough time, and I didn’t feel so alone.

I come to church now because I really enjoy learning more about God and seeing my friends and others. And I continue to believe in God because I feel happier and better with Him. Whenever I have a hard time, I talk to God or someone else about it, and it gets fixed pretty easily. Plus, I’ve made new friends through God and feel like I’ve become a better person overall.