Gigi’s Story of Faith | Gigi 的見證

My name is Gigi, and my Chinese name is Meizhi Zheng, which translates to “a branch of a plum tree.” As a child, I disliked my name because no girl wants to be called a “branch.” However, since my mother gave me this name, I dared not to change it. My mother worked hard all her life as a grassroots female worker in the factory until she retired. She did not expect much from me but only asked me to grow up, marry, have children, and have a secure life. So she didn’t deliberately cultivate me, build a network of relationships, and pave the way for me. 

But growing up, I realized I was ambitious and did not want to spend my entire life working in a factory like my mother. I studied and worked hard.  Although my mother could not provide for me to attend a regular university, I continued to study part-time after graduating high school. I completed junior college and undergraduate courses in China. I also tried establishing connections outside my small circle to change my destiny.

Despite my efforts, the high walls of life were impossible to climb,  and  I lacked support and connections. I became discouraged and numb, and I started to believe what my mother believed –  women should only focus on their lives and marry and have children.

Since then, I have “sincerely” believed in Buddhism, worshiped their idols, and recited Buddhist scriptures. I thought their teachings were not superstition but the truth.  I even used Buddhist scriptures to teach others who wanted to seek god. Of course, it’s ridiculous to think about it now.  But in this way, many years have passed.  I got married, had children, and immigrated to the United States.

As a new immigrant, I had to leave behind everything I had in China, including my mother. On top of that, I faced many practical issues, such as paying rent, bills, and tuition fees for my children without any support. It was a huge adjustment from my home country, and at times, I questioned if immigrating was the right decision. In addition, my husband and I had arguments due to financial difficulties and psychological barriers. However, I’m grateful that he is a hardworking person who did his best to support our family, and I did the same. While juggling various responsibilities, I took the initiative to learn English and also completed some early childhood education courses to continue the career I had started in China.

In 2014 and 2015, while in Chinatown, Oakland, my family and I were given leaflets promoting Easter activities by the Church of God in Oakland. Unfortunately, I lost the first flyer I received in 2014.  But when I received it again in 2015, there seemed to be an inside voice reminding me, “Don’t lose this leaflet now.”  At first, I hesitated to go and wondered if people would think I was greedy. However, I eventually attended the event with my son, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The church was well organized, and the members were welcoming and enthusiastic.  Most importantly, my son enjoyed it! They encouraged me to continue to bring my son to church. As a result, I started sending my son to church, and eventually, I was introduced to the gospel and began to believe in Jesus. 

When I first considered accepting the Lord Jesus, I struggled with feelings of betrayal towards my original beliefs, causing me to hesitate. As I listened to the gospel, I found myself questioning the authenticity and effectiveness of God, even attempting to compare the God of Christianity and Sakyamuni of Buddhism on the same level. However, I was grateful that the brothers and sisters in the church did not mind all of the questions I asked, and they welcomed me with open arms. They prayed for me, studied the Bible, discussed history and geography, and presented scientific evidence. They helped me understand that Jesus truly existed, that God is real, and that He is the only true God.  Eventually, I was touched by God and the love of my fellow believers, which led me to decide to follow the Lord Jesus. In early 2018, I accepted Jesus as my savior and was baptized in 2021. 

During my eleven years of living in the United States, I have been blessed by God’s company for eight years. My husband and I still work tirelessly to ensure a stable income and cover our family’s expenses during this time. As a mother, teacher, and student, I have had to wear many hats. Teaching my children has become more challenging as they have grown older. However, I am grateful that God has always been there to listen to my prayers. He has taught me that with faith, nothing is impossible in the Lord. God’s grace and blessings have sustained me, allowing me to confide in Him during difficult times and lay my burdens before Him. Now that I have God in my life, He guides me through one obstacle after another, and I face challenges fearlessly without relying on others. I am thankful for the voice that urged me not to lose the flyer, the sister who invited me to church activities, the brothers and sisters who shepherded me, and most importantly, God, who has always supported and uplifted me. Amen.

And these are my favorite Bible verses: 

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:3-5)

我是Gigi, 中文名字是鄭梅枝。從小我就不喜歡這名字,因為沒有女孩子的名字只是一條樹枝,所以一直不敢大膽大方的 向人介紹自己的名字。名字是母親起的,也就不敢告訴她不喜歡。母親一生勞碌,她沒怎麼上過學,在工廠裡做基層女工直到退休。她對我也沒什麼期望,但求我安安穩穩的長大成人,結婚生子就算了。所以她並沒有刻意栽培我,搭建關係網,給我鋪好前路。可偏偏我卻是一個心比天高的人,不希望像母親那樣一生在工廠裡度過。總覺得只要讀好書,勤奮點,在外面多認識些有能力有權勢的人,就能改變自己的命運.

所以我真的很用功。雖然母親不能供我上正規大學,但我自高中畢業後就繼續半工讀,先後在國內完成大專和本科課程。工作上很認真負責,但總覺得缺少了有實力的靠山,沒有人提撥扶持,所以做來做去都做不出成績,賺不了錢。年輕的我總感覺人生處處是高牆,不知道出路在哪裡,就好像走在迷宮裡到處碰壁。試過找那些以為有才能,有權勢的人來依附,結果被坑的更慘。年紀稍長了,認清自己的背景和身世是怎樣也不能突破 ,便灰心了,麻木了。那時就覺得媽媽是對的,女孩子應該安分守己的結婚生子就算了。從那時起就“誠心”的篤信佛教,拜偶像,背佛經。認為自己信的是真道,不是迷信,甚至還以佛經教訓其他求神問卜的人。現在想起來也覺得可笑。這樣就過來許多年,結了婚,生了子,也移了民。


就在2014 和15年的復活節前,我們一家在屋崙唐人埠行街的時候,都收到了屋崙神的教會關於復活節活動的宣傳單張。第一年,我把單張帶回家裡,然後就不知道放哪裡了。第二年我再次收到單張的時候,似乎有把聲音提醒我,“不要再弄丟這單張了“。我還記得在活動當日,出門前我還在猶豫“去,還是不去?去了,會不會讓人以為我要貪小便宜。不去,好像對不起當日登記我電話的那位笑得很甜的姐姐”。結果,我還是帶著兒子參加了第一次的復活節活動。活動期間,雖然我感覺屋崙神家跟我想像中的教堂不一樣,但很熱鬧,組織的很好。最重要的是我兒子說玩得很高興。教會裡的每一個人都很熱情,鼓勵我繼續帶兒子來。之後我先是把兒子送到教會上課,後來受到了各位弟兄姊妹的鼓勵和傳福音,自己也開始了信耶穌,接受神的祝福。


我移民來美已有十一年,神就陪伴了我八年。這些年間,我們夫妻還是要很努力的工作,以保證收入穩定維持家庭開支。我一直肩負多項全職:母親,老師,和學生。兒女越來越大了,也越來越難教了。但很寶貴神聽我的禱告,祂教我只要相信,在主內便沒有難成的事。神的恩典和祝福常常在滋潤我,讓我在再困難的時候都可以向祂傾訴,在祂跟前卸下重擔。因為現在的我有神,祂帶領我走過一個又一個難關,勇敢的面對前面的挑戰,而不需要尋找依附的人。感謝那把叫我不要再弄丟單張的聲音,感謝邀請我到教會參加活動的姐妹,感謝不厭其煩牧養我的弟兄姐妹,感謝一直幫扶提拔我的 神。阿門。


不 但 如 此 , 就 是 在 患 難 中 也 是 歡 歡 喜 喜 的 ; 因 為 知 道 患 難 生 忍 耐 ,忍 耐 生 老 練 , 老 練 生 盼 望 ;盼 望 不 至 於 羞 恥 , 因 為 所 賜 給 我 們 的 聖 靈 將 神 的 愛 澆 灌 在 我 們 心 裡 。 (羅馬書 5:3-5)