Edward’s Story of Faith | 若龍的見證

Hello, I’m Edward, a biologist with a deep interest in the origins of life and the universe. Despite studying physics and biology, I could not find the source of everything or the meaning of life. I used to feel insecure and lacked confidence despite being praised for my height. I felt mediocre and had no unique talents or abilities, which made it hard for me to see my value or purpose in life.

I hoped to make more friends in high school, so I started attending church with my sister. Unexpectedly, I met Jesus and learned about His sacrifice on the cross for my sins. This experience deeply moved me, and I confessed my sins, repented, and accepted Jesus as my savior. Since then, my ordinary life has been filled with God’s love and forgiveness, and He has guided me through every stage of my life.

Even during stressful times, such as the Hong Kong A-Level exams and university entrance exams, my faith and constant prayers gave me peace. After finishing my last exam, I knew that Jesus was my Lord for life, and I decided to follow Him and be His disciple.

After graduating, I came to the United States through the miraculous “immigration lottery.” In addition to working, I dedicated myself to building the Oakland Church and helping people find the answers to life through faith. Through this journey, I found that God is the beginning of everything and that the meaning of life can only be found in Christ.

The Bible says, “Seek, and you shall find.” Matthew 7:7.

I hope that through our testimonies, you may begin your journey of seeking God.





信主後我沒有變超人,更沒有成為聖人。而我這個凡人的生命中卻充滿了神的愛和寬恕。在人生中每一個關口都有祂的帶領。還記得面對香港A-Level全港大學公開試的壓力甚大,但因信了主,常常祈禱,反而覺得比中五會考更平安。考完最後一課心裏滿有感動。我認定所信的耶穌就是我一生的主。 我下定決心一生跟從主,作祂的門徒。