Mei Hung’s Story of Faith | 薇紅的見證

Hello everyone. My name is Mei Hung.  I used to struggle with poor family relationships and frequent arguments that made me feel miserable. My father often had outbursts of rage at home, and my mother said the whole floor would shake when my father shouted. As a result, I became emotionally numb and often cried due to my father’s scolding. I despised him and dreamed of leaving home and never returning.

Growing up, I lacked self-confidence because I rarely received compliments, and my relatives often criticized me for being skinny and dark. My parents also made me feel inadequate, saying that I was stupid and had no brains, which made me insecure. 

One day, a high school classmate invited me to church, which surprised me since she had a questionable background. But since I had nothing to do, I decided to join her. That day, I witnessed something remarkable – the church was full of people, and everyone eagerly awaited the service. During the church service, they talked about Jesus being crucified for our sins, which deeply touched me. Furthermore, the people there were very friendly and welcoming, and I felt moved by their passion and beautiful smiles. That day, I prayed and accepted Jesus as my Lord.

Since then, my life has changed significantly. I felt lighter and happier inside, even though my father continued to scold me and get angry. I was no longer afraid of him and instead prayed for him and asked Jesus to change him. Although I sometimes cried when he scolded me, I improved significantly. The emptiness inside me disappeared because Jesus is living with me. I found peace and comfort by reading the Bible and praying to God whenever I was unhappy. His words give me the strength to face difficulties. 

After accepting Jesus as my Lord,  I no longer hated my father. Instead, I actively worked to love, care for, and accept him. It was a transformative experience for me! I never thought I could forgive my father, but through God’s grace, I could do so. I even invited him to attend parent’s day banquets and travel activities organized by the church, and our relationship improved significantly. In addition, I frequently prayed for him, hoping he would also come to believe in the same God as I did one day. And to my joy, later on, my father also accepted Jesus as his Lord. Praise be to God!

Jesus transformed me in remarkable ways, giving me the power I had never felt before. I stayed up late at night to study and willingly did household chores. My transformation amazed my mother, and she was surprised by my new-found energy and drive. Later, she, too, came to believe in Jesus and felt the same joy and peace I experienced.

As I continued to put my faith in Jesus, I could rely on His strength to do many things I never thought possible. From taking public exams, attending job interviews, sharing the gospel with strangers on the street, studying in the United States, and even driving a car, Jesus gave me the courage and confidence to face any challenge. I am so grateful for His grace and love, and I know He is truly a wonderful Savior who can transform anyone who believes in Him.