Paul’s Story of Faith | Paul 的見證

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future.” (Ecclesiastes 7:14)

One day as I was helping my aunt, I learned about heart disease symptoms and noticed I had the same symptoms for months now. Unexpectedly, I didn’t know it was that bad. So, I went to do a heart stress test on Fri morning. I ended up in San Francisco Kaiser Cardiac division that evening, waiting for my quadruple bypass surgery that weekend. It all happened really fast. It was terrifying. A lot of different thoughts have gone through my mind.

Most importantly, God gave me peace. Not a promise that guarantees my recovery. It is a peace of knowing God is in control. That God is on my side. Regardless of what happens, I know God will handle my worries (mainly around my family).

Ecclesiastes 7:14 ‬ tells me that the “good” and “bad” in life are equally from God. It is not meant to toy with me. It is all meant for good. I may not understand it at the time or during my lifetime on earth. But I know God is good. Now it has been two years after the surgery. I can honestly say it was a “positive” experience. I learned to be more sympathetic toward people that are going through sickness. I learned that life is not all roses and apple pies, and it is ok. God is really there along the way.

“遇亨通的日子你當喜樂;遭患難的日子你當思想;因為神使這兩樣並列,為的是叫人查不出身後有甚麼事。” (傳道書‬ ‭7:14‬)

有一天,我正在幫助我的阿姨同時,我也學到有關心臟疾病的症狀。然後我發現自己也有幾個月出現了這些相同的症狀。但是,我不知道它是如此嚴重。於是,那個星期五早上我去做了一個心臟負荷測試。當晚我便在三藩市 Kaiser 醫療中心的心臟科等待週末的四重搭橋手術。一切發生得那麼快,讓人感到非常惶恐。有許多不同的想法在我腦海中浮現。


傳道書 7:14 告訴我,生命中的「好」和「壞」都是來自神。這不是為了玩弄我,而是要為了帶來好處。或許我當時甚至有生之年也無法理解它,但我知道神是良善的。現在手術已經過去了兩年,我可以肯定地說這是一個「好」的 經驗。我學會了對正在經歷疾病的人更有同情心。我學到了生命不都是一帆風順,但不要緊,神在這條路上真的一直都同在。