Meijing’s Story of Faith | 美靜的見證

My name is Meijing.  Growing up in China with my family, I had an easy and happy life. My parents had to work hard for a living, but they always made sure my sister and I had enough to eat and wear. My excellent grades and close friendships made life enjoyable and fulfilling.  However, as my family immigrated to America when I was 12, my life took a significant turn. Adapting to the new culture and environment and entering middle school without knowing English was incredibly challenging. I struggled to understand what was happening in class every day. I had to mature quickly with no one to turn to for help. I felt lonely and helpless and inferior and inadequate compared to others.   

During my first summer in America, I went to a local church’s summer camp to learn English with my sister, where I was introduced to the teachings of Jesus. Initially, I was skeptical, thinking that only those with incurable illnesses or dire circumstances would need Jesus. However, as I faced the challenges of school and life without guidance, I found myself praying to God at night for help, even though I didn’t know who He was.  I found comfort in doing that and continued praying to Him for many years. And finally, during my college years, I felt the nudge in my heart to discover who God is.  So I prayed to Him and asked Him to show me the way to Him. In the summer of 1997, a group of Christian missionaries from Hong Kong approached me and shared the good news of Jesus with me, and I decided to accept Jesus as my savior and invited Him into my life.

Knowing that God loves me helped me rebuild my confidence.  However, life was not always easy, and I still faced many challenges even after believing in Jesus. One of the biggest challenges we faced was when I got laid off, and my husband’s office was shutting down while I was expecting in 2008. This situation could have burdened us greatly, but instead, we experienced great peace in our hearts.  We trusted that when God closed one door, He would open another one for us, and He did! He gave me a job soon after my first trimester of pregnancy, allowing me to have three-day weekends for eleven years, enabling me to work, care for my son’s needs, and serve my church family.  And in 2019, as I decided to enter full-time ministry, my husband’s office shut down again.  But God is faithful and gracious.  He provided another job for my husband, which is good enough to support me in my ministry. 

Life is full of challenges and uncertainties, which can quickly drain us. Yet, through it all, I have experienced God’s love, providence, presence, and guiding hands. He is always with me.  My life is an ordinary one, but my God is extraordinary.  He is the real Joy Giver and ultimate Provider.  I hope my story will inspire others to find hope and comfort in God, as I have.


然而,當我 12 歲全家移民到美國時,我的生活發生了重大轉折。要適應新的文化和環境並在不懂英語的情況下進入中學對我來說真的很難。我完全不明白每天課堂上發生的事情。我覺得我突然要迅速成長,但確沒有人可以幫助我。我感到孤獨、無助、自卑和不足。

在美國的第一個夏天,我和妹妹一起去附近教會的夏令營學習英語。在那裡我第一次接觸基督的教導。起初,我持懷疑態度,認為只有那些身患不治之症或情況危急的人才需要耶穌。然而,當我在沒有引導的情況下面對學校和生活的挑戰時,我發現自己在晚上卻向神祈禱尋求幫助,雖然那時我並不知道祂是誰。這樣做讓我感到安慰,所以我繼續向他祈禱多年。最後,在我的大學期間,我感到內心有一個想法,很想去認識神是哪一位。所以我向祂祈禱並求祂帶我去到可以認識祂的教會裡。 在 1997 年夏天,一群來自香港的基督徒找到我,與我分享耶穌的福音。那時我決定接受耶穌為我的救主,並邀請祂進入我的生命中。

知道神愛我讓我重拾自信。然而,生活並不總是一帆風順。即使我信了耶穌,仍然要面對許多挑戰。我們經歷其中一個最大的考驗是我在 2008 年被解僱,而我丈夫的公司也在我懷孕期間關閉了。這種情況本可以給我們帶來很大的負擔,但相反,我們的內心感到非常平安。我們相信當神關上一扇門時,祂會為我們打開一扇窗,祂確實是這樣行了!在我懷孕頭三個月後不久,祂給了我一份工作。這份工作容許我每星期只工作四天,這樣我有 十一 年的工作是有三天週末假期的,讓我能夠兼顧工作和照顧我兒子的需要,並事奉神的教會。2019 年,當我決定全職事奉時,我丈夫的公司再次關閉。但神是信實和仁慈的。祂為我丈夫預備了另一份工作,這足以支持我的事工。