Meile’s Story of Faith | 美樂的見證

My name is Meile, and I have accepted Christ for over 25 years. I was a freshman in high school when I officially heard of the gospel of Christ, and it immediately changed my life and my view on the purpose of life since the time I believed.

My family came to the US in 1991 and resided shortly in Oakland Chinatown. We lived in an apartment about four blocks from two Christian churches. In the first summer of being in the US, my sister and I were enrolled in the summer program at one of the churches in Chinatown to learn English. During that summer, I was introduced to Jesus, and I remember singing hymns at church. I also met a few teachers at the church whom I thought were so caring and kind to teach me English. Since then, I felt that God was somewhere nearby because I would pray to him at night. But I didn’t fully know how and why he could help me and has done for me.

Then as I entered high school, I was finally presented with the gospel by a group of sisters who traveled from the Church of God in Hong Kong. It was also a time when being a teenager, I started to have growing pains that made me become a difficult person to be with, and I felt internally sad and depressed, while on the outside, I might have seemed fine. It was an emptiness that I felt that nothing could fill, but at the same time, I didn’t understand why I felt so empty and insecure. Amazingly, I stopped feeling empty when I believed in Christ. I could feel a sense of happiness that was natural to me. God helped me get through high school, and I graduated as Salutatorian of my graduation year. I also entered the college of my first choice. But then, life got busy and distracted, and I started to live in the mainstream. For many years, although I still believed in him, I stopped focusing on Christ and began to take decisions into my own hands. It was then I started to stumble.

Life challenges and struggles were the most difficult when I turned 30, which would be the peak of my life when I was married with young kids and a career. But it was also when I had to make tough decisions on all these aspects of my life. But I struggled, had doubts, and ran into many challenges as I tried to navigate them independently. I couldn’t find answers, just more questions. I even had to talk to a psychologist to unload my emotions and thoughts and hope they could help me solve my problems. But unfortunately, nothing worked, and I fell deeper into the issues.

Finally, God called me back to Him just in time. So I started going back to church and reading His words. I asked Him for guidance, and I could finally see the light to my problems. God showed me that I needed Him in my life, and if I trust Him and give my life to Him to guide me, I will never fail. He will always want the best for me. Time after time, God has proven that to me, and I feel so blessed. I cannot imagine my life without God again, and I will continue to hold on to my faith and trust in Him and to live WITH God.

我叫美樂,我接受基督已經超過 25 年了。當我正式聽到耶穌基督的福音的時後,我還是一名高中一年級生。 當我接受並相信了這福音之後,它立即改變了我的生命和我對人生的看法。

我的家人於 1991 年來到美國,然後就住在屋崙唐人街。我們住在距離兩個基督教教堂大約四個街口的公寓裡。在美國的第一個夏天,我和姐姐在唐人街的一個教堂參加了暑期課程,學習英語。那個夏天,我第一次聽到有關耶穌的事。我記得在那裡唱詩歌。我還在那裡遇到了幾位老師,他們非常關心和友善地教我英語。從那以後,我覺得神就在附近的某個地方,因為我會在晚上向祂祈禱。但是我不完全知道祂是誰以及為什麼可以幫助我,並祂為我所做的。 

然後到我進入高中,終於有一群從香港神的教會遠道而來的姊妹們向我傳福音。那時我也正是青春期的時候,我變得很難相處。從外表看來,我可能很好,但我內心感到悲傷和沮喪。那是一種我覺得沒有什麼可以填補的空虛,但與此同時,我不明白為什麼我會感到如此空虛和沒有安全感。奇妙的是,當我相信基督時,我不再感到空虛。我能感受到一種對我來說很自然的幸福感。神幫助我讀完了高中,畢業那年我以 Salutatorian (全級第二名)的身份畢業。我也進入了我的第一志願大學。但是後來,生活變得忙碌而分心。我開始生活在主流中。多年來,雖然我仍然相信神,但我不再專注於祂,而是開始自己做決定。就在那時我開始跌跌撞撞。

人生的挑戰和掙扎在我 30 歲時是最艱難的。那是我人生的巔峰。那時我已婚,有了年幼的孩子和事業。但這也是我必須在生活的所有這些方面做出艱難決定的時候。但是當我試圖獨立駕馭這些挑戰時,我有掙扎,有疑慮,並遇到過許多挑戰。我找不到答案,只有更多問題。我甚至不得不去見心理醫生以釋放我的情緒和想法,期望他們能幫助我解決問題。但不幸的是,沒有任何效果,我陷入了更深層次的問題。