Danny’s Story of Faith | 友龍的見證

Hello, I’m Danny. I have believed in the Lord Jesus for over thirty years. I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States in my thirties. Time has flown by, and I’ve lived in the US for more than 20 years now.

Before I believed in Jesus, I was a utilitarian person in Hong Kong.  I was primarily focused on making money and had three jobs at one point. Due to my poor academic performance, I was eager to earn more money as fast as I could. Unfortunately,  I also picked up the habit of smoking, drinking, and gambling during my work, and I had no real goals or direction in life.

But one day, a colleague invited me to a gospel meeting in church, and I attended. In fact, I had attended a Christian school when I was in primary school. I took it for granted that I knew many of the Bible doctrines. Initially, I was just socializing with my colleagues, and I did not expect much from this invitation to church.

But that was a special day. I remembered that the speaker was teaching about biblical sciences. As I listened, something inside me clicked, and I realized that there must be a Creator behind this world. I also remember noticing a beam of light shining through a hole in the corridor canopy (our church was poor then), and at that moment, I realized that so many things around us already existed. Still, we didn’t pay attention to or study them.  It was then that I made the decision to believe in God.

Since that day, I have continued to pray, read the Bible, and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Through these experiences, I have fully understood and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. One verse that has particularly touched me is –

“He who loved me and gave Himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

The biggest change in my life since coming to know the Lord has been a shift in my values. I no longer place such a high importance on money and have learned that simplicity can bring true happiness. I have realized that what we have is already abundant and that it is important to appreciate and be content with what we have.

I hope that each of you will have the opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your life. He is the true God and can be experienced in a very real and personal way. Amen!

你好,我是友龍. 我信了主耶穌有三十多年。我在香港出生,大約三十歲移民來美國。 轉眼都在美國生活了二十多年。

我未信耶穌之前, 其實是一個好功利的香港人。 比較喜歡賺錢。我試過同時間有三份工作。因為讀書成績不好, 只是想盡快多賺錢傍身。 當然在工作期間也學識了食煙,飲酒,賭錢。 基本上沒有什麼人生目標, 更加不知道什麼事人生意義。

不過有一天,有同事邀請我去一個福音聚會。  其實我本身在小學的時候都是就讀一間基督教小學。理所當然以為自己識了不少聖經或者道理。剛開始的時候都只是應酬一下同事,對這個聚會沒有什麼期望。

但是那一天好特別,因為我記得那一位講員講的是聖經科學道理。我才發覺這個世界可能真是有個創造者在背後。 我還記得因為當時教會比較貧窮, 在走廊簷蓬有一個洞。陽光曬了一條光柱出來。我當時發覺原來我們身邊有好多事物早已存在,只不過我們沒有留意或者研究 。所以當時我選擇了相信有神。後來再不斷地禱告, 看聖經,與弟兄姊妹相交, 才完全明白及接納了主耶穌基督為我的救主。 因為有一句聖經很感動我, 就是 –

「祂是愛我,為我捨己」 (加拉太書 2:20)

我信主後最大的改變,是不再這麼看重金錢。明白了簡單也是一種幸福。要多看看在我們的手裏已經擁有了很多東西。願你們都有機會去接受主耶穌基督。 祂是真神, 是能夠經歷的。  願你們也有機會真正的去認識祂。阿門!