Kyhym’s Story with Jesus | Kyhym 的見證

My name is Kyhym. I’m an ordinary 6th grader who loves playing video games, like pretty much every other kid my age. I also play the piano and violin, and my family goes to church every Sunday. My parents introduced me to Jesus when I was little by taking me to church and reading Bible stories to me. That’s how I learned about Him.

I have had doubts and questions about God, especially when my teachers discuss things like the big bang theory in class. But I still believe in Jesus and continue to worship Him. 

Sometimes I get nervous about tests or performances. When I was younger, I didn’t pray as much before these events, and I would feel really scared and unprepared. But now, I pray more, which helps me feel comforted and ready to do my best.

My parents are a big part of why I keep going to church. They take me every Sunday, and it helps me enjoy going even more. I believe in Jesus because I know He can help me with anything.

我的名字是 Kyhym。我是一個普通的六年級學生。 就像其他六年級生一樣,我也喜歡玩電子遊戲。我也會彈鋼琴和小提琴。我的家人每個星期天都去教會。在我小的時候,我的父母帶我去教會,給我讀聖經故事,教我認識耶穌。我就是這樣認識祂的。