Sandy’s Story of Faith | Sandy 的見證

Hello, my name is Sandy. I have undergone two kidney transplants and one liver transplant, which involved over a dozen major and minor surgeries. It took a total of twenty years from my first kidney dialysis to my last kidney transplant. Those days were difficult, but God heard my prayers through it all.

My kidney problem began when I was only eight years old. In 1986, I moved to the United States from Hong Kong, and by 1998, I needed kidney dialysis. In 2004, I had a kidney transplant, but unfortunately, the new kidney was rejected, leading to four additional surgeries to remove the organ. From 2016 to 2019, I also had to undergo hydrops, which was incredibly painful due to the thickness of the needle used. Even blood transfusions became difficult because of my complicated blood type, which developed from multiple transfusions. Inserting the IV into my body also brought a lot of discomforts.

I used to be a negative person and often thought it would be better to get an injection and die rather than continue suffering. I also asked the question, “Why me?” “Why am I the one that needs to get sick?” However, over time, my perspective has changed. I now have faith that the Lord will give me the best, and I no longer take life for granted. If God allows me to live, I take each day as it comes.

A year after my dialysis, I found out that I was pregnant. During my pregnancy, I had to undergo a procedure under local anesthesia due to my kidney disease. I was only five months pregnant then and prayed fervently for my baby’s safety and a smooth delivery. Thanks to God, my baby was born healthy.  Looking back, I wonder how I was able to cope with all of these challenges. The answer is prayer! I knew that my brothers and sisters in the church were praying for me, and I leaned on God for the strength to face each day. Despite the difficulties of my illness, I longed to attend church and meet with my fellow believers. Worshiping and praying together with them brought me great joy. One time, while singing hymns and reading the Bible, I felt God speaking to me. He is infinite and glorious, yet He suffered and died for me, a mere human being. His love for me is what inspires me.

I was in need of a liver specialist to help me for a long time, but one department kept passing me off to another, and I was getting nowhere. Then, my nephrologist finally referred me to a liver specialist, and I believed he was God’s answer to my prayer.  He was very caring and took the time to discuss my case with the medical team, ultimately finding a suitable kidney and liver in the United States for me. In April 2019, I underwent a liver and kidney transplant in a single operation, and it was nothing short of a miracle. It’s not easy to find a compatible liver and kidney, let alone two organs that match at the same time. The operation was successful, thanks to God’s grace.

The surgery took place at the newest hospital in San Francisco, and I am so grateful for the excellent care I received there. All of the equipment was new, and I was able to recover in a private room, which helped me rest more comfortably. It’s now 2023, and over four years have passed since the transplant. I’m happy to say that my body has had no rejections or side effects, and I’m doing well.

I’m so thankful for God’s grace throughout these difficult years. His love has been my motivation to keep going, even when the physical pain was unbearable. I’ve had to endure many valleys, but I know that God has been with me every step of the way.

大家好,我叫 Sandy。我有過兩次換腎和一次換肝臟的經歷,當中經歷十幾次大小手術。由第一次洗腎到最後一次換腎總共二十年時間。這段日子真的不容易過,但神聽了我的祈禱。

我八歲時就開始有腎病。 1986年我由香港來美國定居。在1998年就開始需要洗腎。2004年我有機會可以換腎,但因為新的腎出現排斥,我要再做四次手術把器官拿出來。由 2016 至 2019年間,我還要抽肝積水。針好粗,刺得到我非常痛。而且輸血也十分困難。因為我已經輸血太多次數的原故,我的血種類變得複雜,要用很長時間才能找到適合的血來輸血。插IV 和插脖子的過程也很痛。

我以前是一個思想負面的人。我有想過不如打支針死了便算,可以不用再受痛苦折磨。洗腎的時候也曾想過為何偏偏是我 — 有腎病,要洗腎。但漸漸地我不再這樣想了。我的心態改變了。我信任主會將最好的給我。我感受仍然有生命並不是必然的。既然神給我一天的生命,我便活多一天吧。

洗腎一年後, 我發現我懷孕了。 在懷孕期間,因為我洗腎的緣故,需要做一個局部麻醉的手術,當時我的兒子在我肚子裡只有五個月大。我當時禱告他不要有事,能順利出世。感謝神能他平安無事地出世。回看這段日子我是如何經過的呢?我是如何有能力面對這一切呢?是禱告!我知道教會弟兄姊妹常常為我禱告,並且我倚靠神給我的力量走過每一天。在患病期間雖然辛苦,但我仍然很想去教會聚會,很想見弟兄姊妹。和他們一同敬拜,一同禱告,這是令我最快樂的事。有一次當我唱詩歌讀聖經的時候,我感受這位神向我說話。祂是那麼無限,那麼榮耀,但卻為我受苦受死。 祂是神,無必要為我這個微小的人而受苦。是祂的愛激勵了我。

我一直需要找一個能夠幫助我的肝臟科醫生,但總是由一個部門被推去另一個部門而不了了之。直到有一次我的腎科醫生介紹一個肝臟專科醫生給我。我相信這位醫生是神為我預備的,因為他非常有愛心,對我很好,並且他很替我着急。 他和醫療團隊商量要在美國找合適的腎臟和肝臟可以替我換。感謝神在2019年四月成功地一次過做到換肝和換腎的手術。這真是一個奇蹟!因為要分別找到合適我身體的肝和腎已經不容易。更何況要同一時間找到合適我的兩個器官更是難上加難。那次手術更是在三藩市的一間最新的醫院做,真的很感恩!一切儀器都是新的,而且可以一人住一間房,讓我可以休息得更好。直到2023年的今天,手術後已經過了四年多,我的身體仍然沒有任何排斥和副作用出現。