Guo’s Story of Faith | 國輝的見證

I’ve been following Christ for over twenty years now. One of the reasons I believe in Him is the vastness of the universe. It’s just too huge and complex not to have a Creator. And the beautiful creations and their harmonies in this world also point to an intelligent Designer. The Bible confirms that God is the Creator.

Another reason for my faith is that life would be meaningless if our sole purpose were just to live on this earth for a few decades. All our effort to build our families and relationships would eventually fade away. Therefore, I believe life must have a greater purpose, and I can only find it from my Creator.

I also think all humans have a built-in desire to seek and worship God as if it’s a fundamental characteristic encoded in our DNA.  I believe it is because we are created in God’s image, as the Bible has stated. Therefore, people would naturally come to seek God’s help in their times of need.

These reasons led me to start my journey of faith in Christ. According to Hebrews 11:1,

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

That definition has helped me a lot on my journey.

Of course, I’ve had moments of doubt. God is intangible and invisible, after all. Sometimes I prayed earnestly, and it felt like my prayers went unanswered. But even with these challenges, I’ve held on to my faith in Jesus. My past experiences with God have strengthened my resolve, and hearing the inspiring testimonies of other believers has helped me stay on track. I truly believe that God loves all of us and has an incredible plan for each of our lives.

我信主耶穌已經二十多年了。我相信祂的原因之一是因為這樣浩瀚的宇宙和世界上一切的事物是如此美麗和諧,當中一定有一位偉大的創造主去創造這一切。 而聖經證實神就是造物主。

我相信的另一個原因是,如果我們生存的唯一目的只是在這個地球上生活匆匆幾十年。 我們付出建立家庭和一切地上關係的努力最終都會消失。那么生命將毫無意義。因此,我相信人生一定有一個更大的目的,而我只能從我的造物主那裡找到它。

我還認為所有人都有一種天生尋求和敬拜神的渴求,就好像這是我們 DNA 中編碼的基本特徵一樣。我相信這是因為如聖經所說,我們是按照神的形象被造的。因此,人在有需要的時候,很自然會想到要尋求神的幫助。

這些原因促使我開始了對基督的信心之旅。信心是什麼呢?聖經裡也有答案。 希伯來書 11 章 1 節 – 「信是所望之事的實底,未見之事的確據」