Kaiqi’s Story with Jesus |Kaiqi 的見證

My name is Kaiqi, and I am currently in 8th grade. In my day-to-day life, I enjoy spending time with my friends, drawing, swimming, and playing volleyball. Additionally, I attend church on Sundays and participate in other fellowships.

I have been attending church since I was a baby, but I am unsure when I first began believing in God. When I was younger, I didn’t feel very close to Him until I grew up. Back then, my involvement with church mostly involved learning about God and His word.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, life became more challenging, and it was harder for me to learn and grow. When places started to open up again, it was nice to go back to church and spend time with brothers and sisters. In-person interactions made it much easier for me to learn than online. Bread-breaking meetings helped me build a stronger relationship with God, and fellowships and Bible readings with others helped me better understand the Bible. I also like to write notes during the message so I can look back and remember what was taught.

Sometimes, I doubted God because it felt like He wasn’t answering my prayers. But over time, my prayers were answered. I’ve asked Him to help me through several problems, and He has always been there to guide me. I also remember asking Him to help me feel better when I had a stomach ache or felt sick.

I choose to continue believing in God because He has helped me through many things, and I find joy in being with other brothers and sisters. Even if there are many ups and downs, I still choose to believe in Him because of what He has done for me and how He has helped me during troubled times.

我叫 Kaiqi,現在讀八年級。平時我很喜歡和朋友一起玩。我還很喜歡畫畫、游泳和打排球。此外,我在星期天會去教會並參加其他團契。


然而,隨著 COVID-19 的爆發,生活變得更具挑戰性,我的學習和成長也更加艱難。當很多地方再次開放時,能夠回到教會與弟兄姊妹一起真是太好!實體的互動讓我比在線學習更容易。星期日的擘餅聚會幫助我與神建立了更堅固的關系。與其他人一起的團契和聖經閱讀也幫助我更好地明白聖經。我也喜歡在信息中寫筆記,這樣我可以回顧並記住所教的內容。