Our Testimonies | 我們的見證

Everyone has a unique and powerful story to tell, and we are honored to share our stories of faith and the amazing ways that Jesus has worked in our lives with you. We pray that this page will be a source of hope and encouragement to you and that you will feel the love of Christ through the words that we share.

As you read through these testimonies, may you be encouraged and inspired in your faith journey. May our stories with Jesus inspire you to find your faith in Him and strengthen your relationship with Him.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. ” (Hebrews 12: 1-2)

每人都有一個獨特的故事。 榮幸我們能與您分享我們的信仰故事以及耶穌基督在我們的人生中奇妙的作為。我們盼望這網頁上的分享能帶給您盼望和鼓勵,讓你感受到基督的愛。


“我 們 既 有 這 許 多 的 見 證 人 , 如 同 雲 彩 圍 著 我 們 , 就 當 放 下 各 樣 的 重 擔 ,脫 去 容 易 纏 累 我 們 的 罪 , 存 心 忍 耐 , 奔 那 擺 在 我 們 前 頭 的 路 程 ,仰 望 為 我 們 信 心 創 始 成 終 的 耶 穌 . “(希伯來書 12:1-2)

Yan Ting Chan

Hello, my name is Yan Ting.  I grew up in Hong Kong and San Jose, USA. I used to be very shy. I was afraid of almost everything!

大家好! 我叫欣廷。我在香港和美國聖荷西長大。我從前是個害羞和很少說話的人。我什麼都怕。

Sandy Ho

Hello, my name is Sandy. I have undergone two kidney transplants and one liver transplant, which involved over a dozen major and minor surgeries. It took a total of twenty years from my first kidney dialysis to my last kidney transplant.

大家好,我叫 Sandy。我有過兩次換腎和一次換肝臟的經歷,當中經歷十幾次大小手術。由第一次洗腎到最後一次換腎總共二十年時間。這段日子真的不容易過,但神聽了我的祈禱。

Stephen Chen

Jesus once met a Samaritan woman. She had a complicated life history, but her life changed drastically after Jesus revealed to her that He was the living water she needed. I feel a similar connection with the story of this Samaritan woman. 


June Li

I accepted Jesus in 1999 while I was still in college. I was amazed by God’s grace and His sacrifice when I heard about how Jesus was born and died on the cross for our sins.

我在 1999 年接受了耶穌基督,當時我還是一名大學生。當我聽說耶穌如何為我們的罪而生並死在十字架上時,我對神的恩典和祂的犧牲感到驚訝。

Rachel Wu

Hello, my name is Rachel.  I am an ordinary and happy Christian. Over the past 20 years, praying, Bible study, and active participation in my church have become essential to my life.

大家好,我叫Rachel,一個平凡而開心的基督徒。我目前雖然只有20余年基督徒經歷,但禱告、研讀聖經、參與教會活動等等已經成為我生活的一部分 。

Gigi Zheng

My name is Gigi, and my Chinese name is Meizhi Zheng, which translates to “a branch of a plum tree.” As a child, I disliked my name because no girl wants to be called a “branch.”

我是Gigi, 中文名鄭梅枝。從小我就不喜歡這名字,因為沒有女孩子的名字只是一條樹枝,所以一直不敢大膽大方的 向人介紹自己的名字。

Guo Huang

I’ve been following Christ for over twenty years now. One of the reasons I believe in Him is the vastness of the universe. It’s just too huge and complex not to have a Creator.


Danny Chan

Hello, I’m Danny. I have believed in the Lord Jesus for over thirty years. Before I believed in Jesus, I was a utilitarian person in Hong Kong.  I was primarily focused on making money and had three jobs at one point.

我未信耶穌之前, 其實是一個好功利的香港人。 比較喜歡賺錢。我試過同時間有三份工作。因為讀書成績不好, 只是想盡快多賺錢傍身。

Edward Long

Hello, I’m Edward, a biologist with a deep interest in the origins of life and the universe. Despite studying physics and biology, I could not find the source of everything or the meaning of life.


Mei Hung Ng

My name is Mei Hung.  I used to struggle with poor family relationships and frequent arguments that made me feel miserable.


Paul Wong

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future.” (Ecclesiastes 7:14)

“遇亨通的日子你當喜樂;遭患難的日子你當思想;因為神使這兩樣並列,為的是叫人查不出身後有甚麼事。” (傳道書‬ ‭7:14‬)

Kenny Ng

When I was young in Hong Kong, I would get very excited when I saw Christians preaching about God on the bus to passengers, and I would silently cheer them on.


April Wong

From a young age, I grew up in a low-income family that favored boys over girls.. money was very important to me. Money also became my life goal.


Kam Ming Tse

Growing up, I was a shy and quiet child.  I was not the best nor the worst in almost everything.  I lived like most of the kids I knew until…


Doreen Lam

As a child, I attended a Christian school, which led me to start going to church. However, as I grew older, many of my friends also invited me to church, and while I enjoyed spending time with them, I did not have a personal relationship with God…

小時候,我上了一所基督教學校,這讓我開始接觸教會。隨著年齡的增長,我身邊許多朋友也邀請我去參加教會。 雖然我很享受與他們在一起的時光,但我沒有感覺與神有個人關系…

Phan Yang

Before I accepted Christ, my life was marked by unhappiness and insecurity. I always longed for a loving family, but I never truly felt like I had one.


Bill Ou

My name is Bill, and I have followed Jesus for over 20 years. I believe the first time Jesus called me was during a quiet ride on the Bart to work.

我叫 Bill,我跟隨耶穌已有 20 多年了。我相信耶穌第一次呼召我是在我安靜地乘坐 Bart 去上班的時候。

Meile Liu

My name is Meile, and I have accepted Christ for over 25 years. When I heard of the gospel of Christ, it immediately changed my life and my view on the purpose of life since the time I believed.

我叫美樂,我接受基督已經超過 25 年了。 當我接受並相信了這福音之後,它立即改變了我的生命和我對人生的看法。

Meijing Liu

My name is Meijing.  Growing up in China with my family, life was enjoyable and fulfilling.  However, as my family immigrated to America when I was 12, my life took a significant turn.

我叫美靜。小時候的生活是無憂無慮的。然而,當我 12 歲全家移民到美國時,我的生活發生了重大轉折。

Irene Lui-Wong

My name is Irene. I grew up in Hong Kong and San Francisco. I am blessed with loving and supportive parents and 3 sisters. At school, I was surrounded by good friends. I often felt I had to keep up with my sisters and friends. I suffered stomach illnesses from stress

我叫Irene。我在香港和三藩市長大。我很幸福,因為有充滿愛心和支持我的父母和 三 個姐妹。在學校裡,我身邊都是好朋友。我經常覺得我必須跟上我的姐妹和朋友。我因壓力而患上胃病。