Justin’s Story with Jesus | Justin 的見證

My name is Justin, and I’m in 8th grade. I love playing video games and volleyball.

My parents have been taking me to church since I was a baby, and I’ve always enjoyed growing up in church. But it was during a VBS in the summer of 2016 when I accepted Jesus as my savior. The message about the gospel of Jesus was so powerful, and when we split into groups, our leader prayed with us to help us believe in Christ. That’s when I felt God’s presence, and I invited Jesus into my life.

Sometimes, I have doubts about God, but I pray and ask Him to show me that He’s real. He reminds me of the things Jesus did for us, and that helps me believe even more.

Although there are days when I feel like staying in bed and playing Pokemon instead of going to fellowship or church, I still choose to go. I love seeing my brothers and sisters and learning more about God.

I continue to believe in God because I know I’ll get to see Him in heaven someday, and I’ll be reunited with all my brothers and sisters there.


我的父母從小就帶我去教會,我也很喜歡在教會裡成長。在 2016 年夏天的 VBS (假期聖經班) 期間,我接受了耶穌作為我的救主。那次關於耶穌福音的信息讓我很深刻。當我們分組時,我的組長老師與我們一起祈禱和幫助我們接受基督。那時我感受到了神的同在,我接受耶穌進入我的生命。


雖然有時候我也會想睡懶覺或玩Pokemon 而不去團契或教會,但我仍然選擇去。因為我喜歡見到我的弟兄姊妹和認識神更多。