Jonathan’s Story with Jesus | Jonathan 的見證

My name is Jonathan, and I am currently a 2nd-year college student. I am a student at CCSF transferring this upcoming fall to Cal Poly SLO, and I enjoy doing outdoor activities that allow me to escape my house while getting much-needed sunlight.

I knew about Jesus from my parents at a young age, which is a true blessing to me as I was able to experience Jesus at an earlier stage of life. I go to church weekly with my parents and have been going before I could even walk or talk!

I had many doubts and questions regarding God and the salvation of Jesus since no one in this world alive has ever seen God or Jesus dying and resurrecting for us. It is tough to be firm in your stance on something that isn’t really provable physically or visually, which was a significant negative factor that made me lose strength in my faith. I also questioned the validation of God’s work and how it didn’t make sense from a worldly standpoint. However, through reading God’s word, praying, and discussing faith with brothers and sisters, I was able to slowly rebound and make a positive turning point in improving my faith and belief in Jesus!

Initially, I went to church just because it was just something I did on a regular weekly basis. However, over time I began to realize the importance of fellowship and church, and my mindset changed. I needed church and fellowship to grow and share my faith with other brothers and sisters, which made me enjoy and cherish church and, as a result, motivated me to continue going. While I continue to have doubts and discouragements throughout my journey as a Christian, I continue to put my faith in Jesus.  I believe He is in control and knows the best for me regardless of if His plans may be the way that might not be in my favor. 

我叫Jonathan,是一名大二學生。我是 CCSF 的一名學生,即將在今年秋季轉學到 Cal Poly SLO。我喜歡戶外活動。這些活動讓我可以在離開家門的同時也能吸取身體需要的陽光。




Rhiannon’s Story with Jesus

Hello! My name is Rhiannon. I’m a 10th grader who’s currently attending AHS (Alameda High School). I enjoy being active a lot. I like to go on hikes, snowboard with friends, and attend jiu-jitsu with my brother. And it’s always exciting traveling with my mom. 

In kindergarten, I attended a Chinese Christian school. I was so scared of starting a new school on the first day of kindergarten. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my parents, not to mention making friends was also a huge struggle for me. That was until one of my classmates approached me and started talking to me, which helped me adjust better to a new classroom environment and a new school. It was that same friend who invited me to come to church.  At first, I didn’t understand why I was there. I simply went, because my best friend was there. But as I continued coming to church, I enjoyed listening to the lessons about the miracles that were performed by Jesus. I began to want to accept Jesus as my savior. As I got older, I opened up this thought in my head, where I began to wonder if I would ever have a genuine relationship with God. Later on, I began to experience God within my thoughts. 

Since I attended church at a very young age, I began questioning God’s word and everything that happened in the Bible. I didn’t understand how anyone could die and then come back to life again or if someone was born blind but then was healed and can now see. Those things didn’t make sense to me at all. The biggest doubt I had was believing that there was heaven and hell. Back then, I did want to believe that. But it was just really hard to believe and understand all that was true. All these bible truths cannot be explained by scientific facts that I have learned so far.  

I struggled a lot during the pandemic. Online learning was really hard for me. I had a huge lack of motivation to do anything, I found it really hard to focus during zoom meetings, and there were several technical difficulties I had to face from time to time which was very frustrating for me. My mood started changing as I went through the years of having to do more remote learning. I always felt stressed and angry all the time, and from then on, every day became a challenge for me. I began to pray to Jesus more often with a lot of the problems I had, and I found comfort in talking with him. I felt a lot calmer, and I could tackle situations that came at me. 

Despite my doubts and struggles, I continue to keep believing in Jesus because I know He has a plan for me. I put my faith in Him, trusting that I will be alright in His hands.

Evelina’s Story with Jesus

Hi, my name is Evelina, and I am currently in 5th grade. I play the piano and viola, and I absolutely adore animals. I come from a large family of five sisters. 

I learned about Jesus by attending church regularly with one of my sisters. At first, I had doubts about God’s existence, as well as the reality of heaven and hell. However, as I continued to attend church and read the Bible more, I gradually felt the Holy Spirit’s presence within me, resolving these uncertainties.

What motivates me to attend church every week is the warmth and hospitality of my brothers and sisters in Christ. They always make me feel welcome and included. What keeps my faith in Jesus strong is the knowledge that He died on the cross for me.

Airi’s Story with Jesus

My name is Airi. I’m 11 years old and currently attending 5th grade. I go to LME and love to eat, sleep, and hang out in my room. I’m also a proud owner of some amazing pets, but I don’t really like school that much. I love being in the band and choir, and I attend church every Sunday.

So, how did I get to know God? Well, my mom used to go to Three Crosses, but I didn’t go with her. Later on, my friend Adora and her family took me to the Church of God in Oakland, and that’s where I was introduced to God and made some great friends.

I did have a big problem once when my family got COVID, but I didn’t. I had to quarantine in my room while they were all sick, and then when I got it, I had to quarantine in my room again because I was the only one who had it. But God helped me through that tough time, and I didn’t feel so alone.

I come to church now because I really enjoy learning more about God and seeing my friends and others. And I continue to believe in God because I feel happier and better with Him. Whenever I have a hard time, I talk to God or someone else about it, and it gets fixed pretty easily. Plus, I’ve made new friends through God and feel like I’ve become a better person overall.

Kaiqi’s Story with Jesus |Kaiqi 的見證

My name is Kaiqi, and I am currently in 8th grade. In my day-to-day life, I enjoy spending time with my friends, drawing, swimming, and playing volleyball. Additionally, I attend church on Sundays and participate in other fellowships.

I have been attending church since I was a baby, but I am unsure when I first began believing in God. When I was younger, I didn’t feel very close to Him until I grew up. Back then, my involvement with church mostly involved learning about God and His word.

However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, life became more challenging, and it was harder for me to learn and grow. When places started to open up again, it was nice to go back to church and spend time with brothers and sisters. In-person interactions made it much easier for me to learn than online. Bread-breaking meetings helped me build a stronger relationship with God, and fellowships and Bible readings with others helped me better understand the Bible. I also like to write notes during the message so I can look back and remember what was taught.

Sometimes, I doubted God because it felt like He wasn’t answering my prayers. But over time, my prayers were answered. I’ve asked Him to help me through several problems, and He has always been there to guide me. I also remember asking Him to help me feel better when I had a stomach ache or felt sick.

I choose to continue believing in God because He has helped me through many things, and I find joy in being with other brothers and sisters. Even if there are many ups and downs, I still choose to believe in Him because of what He has done for me and how He has helped me during troubled times.

我叫 Kaiqi,現在讀八年級。平時我很喜歡和朋友一起玩。我還很喜歡畫畫、游泳和打排球。此外,我在星期天會去教會並參加其他團契。


然而,隨著 COVID-19 的爆發,生活變得更具挑戰性,我的學習和成長也更加艱難。當很多地方再次開放時,能夠回到教會與弟兄姊妹一起真是太好!實體的互動讓我比在線學習更容易。星期日的擘餅聚會幫助我與神建立了更堅固的關系。與其他人一起的團契和聖經閱讀也幫助我更好地明白聖經。我也喜歡在信息中寫筆記,這樣我可以回顧並記住所教的內容。



Adora’s Story with Jesus| Adora 的見證

My name is Adora, and I’m in sixth grade. I’m from Castro Valley, and I love swimming. I have two siblings, so there are five of us in my family. I’m also a Christian and go to the Church of God in Oakland. My parents brought me to church when I was a baby, and I’ve been going ever since.

I invited my friend Airi to come with me to church. She used to go to another church, but when she came with me, she met new people, and her family became part of our church family. Now I’m always excited to attend church on Sundays and Wednesdays to see my friends and learn more about God.

As I learned about God, I would have doubts and questions, too. I wonder if God is real and how many of my friends would come with me to church. Sometimes my friends are too busy, so I pray and ask God to bring them to church or fellowship with me.

But I still believe in God because I get to hang out with my friends and learn more about the Bible. One time, when I was four years old, I really wanted a sister. So I prayed for her every day for a year. Then my mom told me that I would have a sibling, but I didn’t know if it would be a boy or a girl. When I found out it would be a girl, I was so happy because I would have a sister. When she was born, I got to hold her in my arms. That experience showed me that God listens to our prayers and can make our dreams come true.

我叫Adora,是六年級學生。我來自Castro Valley。我喜歡游泳。我有一個妹妹和弟弟,所以我家有五口人。我也是一名基督徒。小時候我的父母就帶我去教會,從那以後我就一直都去。

我還邀請我的朋友 Airi 和我一起去教會。她之前是去另外一個教會,但當她和我一起來時,她認識了新的朋友,她的家人也成了我們教會大家庭的一員。現在我總是很期待能在星期天和星期三去教會和我的朋友們一起認識神。 



Justin’s Story with Jesus | Justin 的見證

My name is Justin, and I’m in 8th grade. I love playing video games and volleyball.

My parents have been taking me to church since I was a baby, and I’ve always enjoyed growing up in church. But it was during a VBS in the summer of 2016 when I accepted Jesus as my savior. The message about the gospel of Jesus was so powerful, and when we split into groups, our leader prayed with us to help us believe in Christ. That’s when I felt God’s presence, and I invited Jesus into my life.

Sometimes, I have doubts about God, but I pray and ask Him to show me that He’s real. He reminds me of the things Jesus did for us, and that helps me believe even more.

Although there are days when I feel like staying in bed and playing Pokemon instead of going to fellowship or church, I still choose to go. I love seeing my brothers and sisters and learning more about God.

I continue to believe in God because I know I’ll get to see Him in heaven someday, and I’ll be reunited with all my brothers and sisters there.


我的父母從小就帶我去教會,我也很喜歡在教會裡成長。在 2016 年夏天的 VBS (假期聖經班) 期間,我接受了耶穌作為我的救主。那次關於耶穌福音的信息讓我很深刻。當我們分組時,我的組長老師與我們一起祈禱和幫助我們接受基督。那時我感受到了神的同在,我接受耶穌進入我的生命。


雖然有時候我也會想睡懶覺或玩Pokemon 而不去團契或教會,但我仍然選擇去。因為我喜歡見到我的弟兄姊妹和認識神更多。


Connor’s Story with Jesus |Connor 的見證

I’m Connor, and I’m in 8th grade. I enjoy playing sports, video games, playing guitar, and practicing jiu-jitsu.

When I was little, my mom took me to church, and that’s how I learned about God. At first, I didn’t really like going to church. It was kind of boring to me. But it became more enjoyable as I got to know the people there and started to understand the messages.

I still attend church because I believe in God and His words and want to learn more about Christ. Sometimes, things I learn in school about animals, dinosaurs, and evolution make me doubt God’s existence and question if He really created everything. But I talk to my mom about it; she helps me understand those things better.

Nowadays, I really like going to church. I enjoy the people, the messages, and the communion. I believe in Christ because I think He’s real and created me.

我是Connor, 我在上八年級。我喜歡運動、電子遊戲、彈吉他和練習柔術。小時候,媽媽帶我去教會,我就是這樣認識神的。起初,我不太喜歡去教會,因為我覺得有點無聊。但隨著我認識那裡的人並開始明白聚會但信息,我開始感興趣。


Kyhym’s Story with Jesus | Kyhym 的見證

My name is Kyhym. I’m an ordinary 6th grader who loves playing video games, like pretty much every other kid my age. I also play the piano and violin, and my family goes to church every Sunday. My parents introduced me to Jesus when I was little by taking me to church and reading Bible stories to me. That’s how I learned about Him.

I have had doubts and questions about God, especially when my teachers discuss things like the big bang theory in class. But I still believe in Jesus and continue to worship Him. 

Sometimes I get nervous about tests or performances. When I was younger, I didn’t pray as much before these events, and I would feel really scared and unprepared. But now, I pray more, which helps me feel comforted and ready to do my best.

My parents are a big part of why I keep going to church. They take me every Sunday, and it helps me enjoy going even more. I believe in Jesus because I know He can help me with anything.

我的名字是 Kyhym。我是一個普通的六年級學生。 就像其他六年級生一樣,我也喜歡玩電子遊戲。我也會彈鋼琴和小提琴。我的家人每個星期天都去教會。在我小的時候,我的父母帶我去教會,給我讀聖經故事,教我認識耶穌。我就是這樣認識祂的。