Yan Tsui’s Story of Faith | 徐茵的見證

Hello, my name is Yan Tsui. When I was born, my mother left me with my grandma. However, I’m thankful for the love my grandma showed me, which made my childhood carefree and joyful. When I turned five, my grandma passed away, and it was then that I reunited with my mom. She brought me back home, and that’s when everything changed.

I became a quiet and introverted child, often lost in my own thoughts. Growing up was perplexing, and I couldn’t comprehend why my mother treated me the way she did. Our household was constantly filled with my parents’ arguments, creating a chaotic atmosphere. My mother used to call me Siu Ha, which sounded similar to Siu Han, implying that she wouldn’t mind if I weren’t there. I carried a heavy sense of being a burden to her. Consequently, I made every effort to be a well-behaved child, assisting with chores and caring for my younger siblings from a tender age. I began working at the age of 13 and entered into marriage at 22, hoping for a happy family, but life proved to be challenging. We frequently encountered conflicts and disagreements, burdening my heart with sorrow. At times, I found myself silently shedding tears in the quiet of the night, feeling the weight of life’s difficulties. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the love and support I received from my in-laws and sister-in-law.

Then, I found Jesus, and it transformed my life. I no longer had to face life’s struggles alone. Instead, I learned to trust a loving and compassionate God. I believe He guides and cares for every aspect of my life. With God in my heart, I discovered inner peace and became a joyful person. I’m thankful for the church, the family of God, where we support and love one another. Undoubtedly, having faith in God doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free journey, but as I reflect, I see God’s quiet blessings and protective presence in every hardship. What’s even more precious is knowing that God is with us, and we hold on to eternal hope.

As Romans 15:13 beautifully expresses,

‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

大家好,我叫徐茵。我一出世我媽就把我拋棄,放在外婆那兒,我從沒見過她。但感恩我有外婆疼愛,所以我一直是個無憂無慮快樂的小孩。直至5歲的時候,外婆走了,媽媽才接我回家。從此我變得不一様。我變得孤僻沈默,總是自言自語。我的成長過程中充滿迷惘和疑惑。我不明白媽媽為什麼要如此對我。家裡父母總是吵吵鬧鬧,混亂不堪。加上我媽改我的名字叫”少霞”,聽起來意思像是沒了也好閒,使我常感覺自己拖累了她。所以我好努力做一個乖孩子,年紀小小就帶著弟妹買菜煑飯。我13歲就出來工作,22歲結婚。我以為從此會有一個幸福家庭,誰知還是坎坷難過。彼此常有磨擦和紛爭, 心裡常常很難過。有時只能在半夜靜靜垂淚,感覺無夸坎坷,但感恩有公婆姑奶的疼愛。


正如羅馬書15: 13所說


Yan Ting’s Story of Faith | 欣廷的見證

Hello, my name is Yan Ting.  I grew up in Hong Kong and San Jose, USA. I used to be very shy. I was afraid of almost everything! When I was young, my parents would take me to worship Buddha, but honestly, I didn’t enjoy it at all because I had no idea why we were doing it.

As I got older, life started feeling hopeless and joyless. It was tough because I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents. They would always scold me for not being good at anything. But despite all that, I still pitched in, helped my mom with the housework, and cared for my younger brother. All I wanted was to study hard and do well in Hong Kong, but my grades just didn’t measure up. That’s why my family and I ended up moving to the United States in 2001.

When I was in the twelfth grade in 2004, I met a classmate from China who invited me to church. Something amazing happened. One of the sisters there told me about the Gospel and how Jesus loved me so much that He died on the cross for me. It touched my heart; I prayed and believed in the Lord.

Ever since I started believing in the Lord, my life has changed. I feel so much hope and joy now. The Lord is with me, living in my heart. I read the Bible and pray daily, knowing that He hears my prayers and comforts me. Whenever I have a problem, He’s always there to help me solve it. 

When I was in high school, I had to learn English, and I was worried because my English skills were not that great. But then, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me improve my English. And God helped me! I ended up getting an A in English class! I can communicate with others and make new friends.  And I finally graduated from high school!

I give thanks to the Lord because He heard my prayers and answered them. Thank you, Lord!

大家好! 我叫欣廷。我在香港和美國聖荷西長大。我從前是個害羞和很少說話的人。我什麼都怕。我小時候跟父母去拜佛,但我很不開心,因為我不知道為什麼要拜它。長大後,我覺得人生沒有盼望和喜樂。我和父母關係不好,因為他們會罵我,罵我什麼都做不好。 但我仍會幫媽媽做家務和照顧弟弟。我在香港只想努力讀書,但是成績不佳,所以我和家人在2001年一起移民美國。



Sandy’s Story of Faith | Sandy 的見證

Hello, my name is Sandy. I have undergone two kidney transplants and one liver transplant, which involved over a dozen major and minor surgeries. It took a total of twenty years from my first kidney dialysis to my last kidney transplant. Those days were difficult, but God heard my prayers through it all.

My kidney problem began when I was only eight years old. In 1986, I moved to the United States from Hong Kong, and by 1998, I needed kidney dialysis. In 2004, I had a kidney transplant, but unfortunately, the new kidney was rejected, leading to four additional surgeries to remove the organ. From 2016 to 2019, I also had to undergo hydrops, which was incredibly painful due to the thickness of the needle used. Even blood transfusions became difficult because of my complicated blood type, which developed from multiple transfusions. Inserting the IV into my body also brought a lot of discomforts.

I used to be a negative person and often thought it would be better to get an injection and die rather than continue suffering. I also asked the question, “Why me?” “Why am I the one that needs to get sick?” However, over time, my perspective has changed. I now have faith that the Lord will give me the best, and I no longer take life for granted. If God allows me to live, I take each day as it comes.

A year after my dialysis, I found out that I was pregnant. During my pregnancy, I had to undergo a procedure under local anesthesia due to my kidney disease. I was only five months pregnant then and prayed fervently for my baby’s safety and a smooth delivery. Thanks to God, my baby was born healthy.  Looking back, I wonder how I was able to cope with all of these challenges. The answer is prayer! I knew that my brothers and sisters in the church were praying for me, and I leaned on God for the strength to face each day. Despite the difficulties of my illness, I longed to attend church and meet with my fellow believers. Worshiping and praying together with them brought me great joy. One time, while singing hymns and reading the Bible, I felt God speaking to me. He is infinite and glorious, yet He suffered and died for me, a mere human being. His love for me is what inspires me.

I was in need of a liver specialist to help me for a long time, but one department kept passing me off to another, and I was getting nowhere. Then, my nephrologist finally referred me to a liver specialist, and I believed he was God’s answer to my prayer.  He was very caring and took the time to discuss my case with the medical team, ultimately finding a suitable kidney and liver in the United States for me. In April 2019, I underwent a liver and kidney transplant in a single operation, and it was nothing short of a miracle. It’s not easy to find a compatible liver and kidney, let alone two organs that match at the same time. The operation was successful, thanks to God’s grace.

The surgery took place at the newest hospital in San Francisco, and I am so grateful for the excellent care I received there. All of the equipment was new, and I was able to recover in a private room, which helped me rest more comfortably. It’s now 2023, and over four years have passed since the transplant. I’m happy to say that my body has had no rejections or side effects, and I’m doing well.

I’m so thankful for God’s grace throughout these difficult years. His love has been my motivation to keep going, even when the physical pain was unbearable. I’ve had to endure many valleys, but I know that God has been with me every step of the way.

大家好,我叫 Sandy。我有過兩次換腎和一次換肝臟的經歷,當中經歷十幾次大小手術。由第一次洗腎到最後一次換腎總共二十年時間。這段日子真的不容易過,但神聽了我的祈禱。

我八歲時就開始有腎病。 1986年我由香港來美國定居。在1998年就開始需要洗腎。2004年我有機會可以換腎,但因為新的腎出現排斥,我要再做四次手術把器官拿出來。由 2016 至 2019年間,我還要抽肝積水。針好粗,刺得到我非常痛。而且輸血也十分困難。因為我已經輸血太多次數的原故,我的血種類變得複雜,要用很長時間才能找到適合的血來輸血。插IV 和插脖子的過程也很痛。

我以前是一個思想負面的人。我有想過不如打支針死了便算,可以不用再受痛苦折磨。洗腎的時候也曾想過為何偏偏是我 — 有腎病,要洗腎。但漸漸地我不再這樣想了。我的心態改變了。我信任主會將最好的給我。我感受仍然有生命並不是必然的。既然神給我一天的生命,我便活多一天吧。

洗腎一年後, 我發現我懷孕了。 在懷孕期間,因為我洗腎的緣故,需要做一個局部麻醉的手術,當時我的兒子在我肚子裡只有五個月大。我當時禱告他不要有事,能順利出世。感謝神能他平安無事地出世。回看這段日子我是如何經過的呢?我是如何有能力面對這一切呢?是禱告!我知道教會弟兄姊妹常常為我禱告,並且我倚靠神給我的力量走過每一天。在患病期間雖然辛苦,但我仍然很想去教會聚會,很想見弟兄姊妹。和他們一同敬拜,一同禱告,這是令我最快樂的事。有一次當我唱詩歌讀聖經的時候,我感受這位神向我說話。祂是那麼無限,那麼榮耀,但卻為我受苦受死。 祂是神,無必要為我這個微小的人而受苦。是祂的愛激勵了我。

我一直需要找一個能夠幫助我的肝臟科醫生,但總是由一個部門被推去另一個部門而不了了之。直到有一次我的腎科醫生介紹一個肝臟專科醫生給我。我相信這位醫生是神為我預備的,因為他非常有愛心,對我很好,並且他很替我着急。 他和醫療團隊商量要在美國找合適的腎臟和肝臟可以替我換。感謝神在2019年四月成功地一次過做到換肝和換腎的手術。這真是一個奇蹟!因為要分別找到合適我身體的肝和腎已經不容易。更何況要同一時間找到合適我的兩個器官更是難上加難。那次手術更是在三藩市的一間最新的醫院做,真的很感恩!一切儀器都是新的,而且可以一人住一間房,讓我可以休息得更好。直到2023年的今天,手術後已經過了四年多,我的身體仍然沒有任何排斥和副作用出現。


Stephen’s Story of Faith | Stephen 的見證

There is a story in the Gospel of John: Jesus once met a woman who lived in Samaria. She had a complicated life history and was often busy and burdened with life. Her life changed drastically after Jesus revealed to her that He was the living water she needed. I feel a similar connection with the story of this Samaritan woman. 

My name is Stephen. My story began 23 years ago.

When I was still in my 20s, a relative and a friend passed away one after another in my arms due to accidents. When all the instruments in the hospital’s ICU room stopped, that was the moment when their lives ended. Only their cold bodies remained on the bed. Soon my mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time, I was devastated and afraid that another loved one would die in my arms. All this happened so suddenly and later became a thorn in my heart. 

In the following years, I continued searching for life’s meaning. I had many questions: Is life really like the others saying, “A person dies like a lamp goes out“? or as one Emperor asked, “I was confused when I came, and then I was lost. I walked along the world once. Who was I before I was born? Who was I after I was born? Who was I when I grew up, and who was I when I closed my eyes?”

“Whereas you don’t know what your life will be like tomorrow. For what is your life? For you are a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” -James 4:14  

Four years later, by the grace of the heavenly Father, I met my wife and, at the same time, got to know the gospel. I started to read the Bible stories, and through the pastor’s explanation, I began to understand Jesus of the Bible more deeply. Whenever I read the Bible, I felt the gentle voice of Jesus calling me, “Come to me!”

Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

After four years of marriage with my wife, God once again blessed me with two sons. When I held my youngest son in my arms, I saw and understood it.

He restores my soul, He guides me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” – Psalm 23:3

My hands cannot hold back the life that was going away, but my hands can welcome new lives. Two people have died in my arms, and now God placed two new lives in my arms so that I can start a new life together with them.

As I am counting my blessings in my 40s, I no longer have that thorn in my heart. I am filled with indescribable gratitude whenever I look back and see through Heavenly Father’s grace. It turned out that the road I walked was always under the care of my heavenly Father.

As an eagle that stirs up her nest, that flutters over her young, he spread abroad his wings, he took them, he bore them on his feathers, Yahweh alone led him.  There was no foreign god with him .” – Deuteronomy 32:11-12

Choosing to follow Jesus has been the best decision of my life. If I had to choose again, I would follow Jesus without hesitation. Jehovah God is a God who gives life. His Word is mighty, wise, loving, and righteous. I sincerely invite you to learn and know this loving and gracious Jesus together. May God bless you even more!


我姓陳,大家叫我Stephen 。我的故事從23年前開始。


「其實明天如何、你們還不知道。你們的生命是甚麼呢.你們原來是一片雲霧、出現少時就不見了。 」- 雅各書4:14

四年後、蒙天父的厚愛,我認識了我的太太,透過她也同時接觸到福音。我開始閱讀聖經,而且透過牧師的講解,我開始更深地理解聖經中的耶穌。每當我讀聖經的時候,就好像有耶穌溫柔的聲音對我說 “來、你來我這裏!”

「凡勞苦擔重擔的人、可以到我這裏來、我就使你們得安息。」– 馬太福音11:28 


「他使我的靈魂甦醒、為自己的名引導我走義路。」– 詩篇23:3 

我的雙手無法挽留要走的生命,但是我的雙手卻可以迎接新的生命。曾經有兩個人在我懷裡離世,現在 神要將兩個新生命放在我的懷裡。並且要與他們一起經歷新生命的成長。


「又如鷹攪動巢窩、在雛鷹以上兩翅搧展、接取雛鷹、背在兩翼之上、這樣、耶和華獨自引導他、並無外邦神與他同在。」– 申命記 32:11-12 

選擇跟從耶穌是我一生中最正確的決定。若要我再選一次,我還會毫不猶豫地揀選跟從耶穌。耶和華上帝是一位賜生命的 神。祂的道滿有能力,智慧,慈愛和公義。我誠意地邀請您一起學習和認識這位滿有愛和恩典的耶穌。願上帝賜更大的福給您!

June’s Story of Faith | June 的見證

I accepted Jesus in 1999 while I was still in college. I was amazed by God’s grace and His sacrifice when I heard about how Jesus was born and died on the cross for our sins.

I first faced death when my grandpa passed away in 1993. He died from a major stroke after a fall on his way to Yum Cha—to have Dim Sum in a restaurant. His sudden death made me wonder about life and its purpose. If everyone’s final destination was death, then why do people work so hard their whole life to pursue their dreams and goals?

I was very happy and felt very blessed to get to know Jesus, whom I can rely on. Believing in God and following Him in my life revealed the purpose of life. I finally know that death is not the final destination. There is an afterlife and final judgment.

Jesus became my support and my guidance. I have to admit at the beginning of my faith journey that, I would love to experience the moments when God answered my prayers. Nevertheless, God wouldn’t answer every one of my prayers the way I wanted. I was upset in the beginning. However, the more I read the Bible, the more I got to know God, and my faith grew along with time. I realize God’s way is higher than my way. His wisdom is better than mine. I believe God has better timing and plan if He wouldn’t answer my prayers right at the moment I want.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10-12) 

I am very happy that I have God in my life, and I can grow in His words. May you get to know Him and find Him!

我在 1999 年接受了耶穌基督,當時我還是一名大學生。當我聽說耶穌如何為我們的罪而生並死在十字架上時,我對神的恩典和祂的犧牲感到驚訝。

1993 年我爺爺去世,那是我第一次面對死亡。他在去吃點心的路上摔倒後死於嚴重中風。他的突然去世讓我想知道生命究竟是什麼。人生的目的是什麼?如果每個人的最終歸宿都是死亡,那麼為什麼人要在生活中如此努力地去追求自己的人生目標?



敬畏耶和華是智慧的開端,認識至聖者就是聰明。」(箴言 9:10-12)


Rachel’s Story of Faith | Rachel 的見證

Hello, my name is Rachel.  I am an ordinary and happy Christian. Over the past 20 years, praying, Bible study, and active participation in my church have become essential to my life. When I face confusion or pain in my daily life, Jesus is my trusted confidant, sometimes the only one I turn to. Though I have never physically heard His voice or seen Him guide me with His fingers, I know that He has always been by my side, guiding me through certain people and circumstances.

After graduating from university, I changed several jobs within a few years. Though I received job offers quickly, none lasted for more than 18 months, and I found them unfulfilling and soon lost interest.  Doubts about my future and self-worth began to set in. Then, I decided to pray for a new job and be more patient, waiting for God’s guidance. I asked Him for a job that would allow me to use my bilingual ability and to help others without requiring repetitive tasks every day. I didn’t rush into submitting my resume and limiting the scope of my search. Instead, I continued to work diligently at my current job, although they were tedious and repetitive, while also praying to God and searching for opportunities on job-hunting websites.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.” (Romans 8:28)

After praying for several months, I stumbled upon a job opening advertisement from a  translation company. Although I lacked confidence in my English skills at the time, God gave me the courage and peace of mind I needed to apply for the translator position. As it turned out, God had been preparing me for this opportunity through my previous jobs, providing me with the necessary skills, experiences, and working environment to excel in the role. The translation company was impressed with my qualifications and offered me a position as a paid training translator. With this job, God had answered my prayers and provided me with a fulfilling career that met my three wishes. Over the past ten years, He has continued to protect and bless me in this job, and I am confident that He will do so for many years to come.

When people ask me if I enjoy my current job, I can confidently answer, “Yes!” This is because I see God’s grace and provision at work every day. I also pray that God gives me the wisdom to navigate my responsibilities. I find a lot of joy and satisfaction in my job, and I attribute all the gratitude I receive from others to Jesus, who loves me.



「我們曉得萬事都互相效力,叫愛神的人得益處。」 (羅馬書8:28)

經過好幾個月的禱告,一份翻譯公司聘請廣告吸引了我,但以我當時的英語水平實在是難以讓我自信地去嘗試翻譯員的職位。但在禱告中,神卻意外地給我一個勇氣和平安的心。原來,神早已安排,祂預備了我前幾份工作,是讓我體驗特定的工作環境、狀況和積累經驗。 那些剛好符合翻譯公司聘請的要求。他們滿意地聘請我為授薪培訓翻譯員。就這樣,神帶我走進了翻譯員的職業生涯,一份滿足我三個要求的工作,而且還一直保守和祝福我走了十年之多。

當別人問我 “喜歡現在的工作嗎”?我會回答:“我喜歡我的工作”! 因為我的工作是充滿神的恩典和預備。當然我還是需要禱告神給我智慧去應付我的工作,但感恩,我在工作中獲得很多的快樂和滿足,並將別人給我的感謝都歸於愛我的主耶穌。

Gigi’s Story of Faith | Gigi 的見證

My name is Gigi, and my Chinese name is Meizhi Zheng, which translates to “a branch of a plum tree.” As a child, I disliked my name because no girl wants to be called a “branch.” However, since my mother gave me this name, I dared not to change it. My mother worked hard all her life as a grassroots female worker in the factory until she retired. She did not expect much from me but only asked me to grow up, marry, have children, and have a secure life. So she didn’t deliberately cultivate me, build a network of relationships, and pave the way for me. 

But growing up, I realized I was ambitious and did not want to spend my entire life working in a factory like my mother. I studied and worked hard.  Although my mother could not provide for me to attend a regular university, I continued to study part-time after graduating high school. I completed junior college and undergraduate courses in China. I also tried establishing connections outside my small circle to change my destiny.

Despite my efforts, the high walls of life were impossible to climb,  and  I lacked support and connections. I became discouraged and numb, and I started to believe what my mother believed –  women should only focus on their lives and marry and have children.

Since then, I have “sincerely” believed in Buddhism, worshiped their idols, and recited Buddhist scriptures. I thought their teachings were not superstition but the truth.  I even used Buddhist scriptures to teach others who wanted to seek god. Of course, it’s ridiculous to think about it now.  But in this way, many years have passed.  I got married, had children, and immigrated to the United States.

As a new immigrant, I had to leave behind everything I had in China, including my mother. On top of that, I faced many practical issues, such as paying rent, bills, and tuition fees for my children without any support. It was a huge adjustment from my home country, and at times, I questioned if immigrating was the right decision. In addition, my husband and I had arguments due to financial difficulties and psychological barriers. However, I’m grateful that he is a hardworking person who did his best to support our family, and I did the same. While juggling various responsibilities, I took the initiative to learn English and also completed some early childhood education courses to continue the career I had started in China.

In 2014 and 2015, while in Chinatown, Oakland, my family and I were given leaflets promoting Easter activities by the Church of God in Oakland. Unfortunately, I lost the first flyer I received in 2014.  But when I received it again in 2015, there seemed to be an inside voice reminding me, “Don’t lose this leaflet now.”  At first, I hesitated to go and wondered if people would think I was greedy. However, I eventually attended the event with my son, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The church was well organized, and the members were welcoming and enthusiastic.  Most importantly, my son enjoyed it! They encouraged me to continue to bring my son to church. As a result, I started sending my son to church, and eventually, I was introduced to the gospel and began to believe in Jesus. 

When I first considered accepting the Lord Jesus, I struggled with feelings of betrayal towards my original beliefs, causing me to hesitate. As I listened to the gospel, I found myself questioning the authenticity and effectiveness of God, even attempting to compare the God of Christianity and Sakyamuni of Buddhism on the same level. However, I was grateful that the brothers and sisters in the church did not mind all of the questions I asked, and they welcomed me with open arms. They prayed for me, studied the Bible, discussed history and geography, and presented scientific evidence. They helped me understand that Jesus truly existed, that God is real, and that He is the only true God.  Eventually, I was touched by God and the love of my fellow believers, which led me to decide to follow the Lord Jesus. In early 2018, I accepted Jesus as my savior and was baptized in 2021. 

During my eleven years of living in the United States, I have been blessed by God’s company for eight years. My husband and I still work tirelessly to ensure a stable income and cover our family’s expenses during this time. As a mother, teacher, and student, I have had to wear many hats. Teaching my children has become more challenging as they have grown older. However, I am grateful that God has always been there to listen to my prayers. He has taught me that with faith, nothing is impossible in the Lord. God’s grace and blessings have sustained me, allowing me to confide in Him during difficult times and lay my burdens before Him. Now that I have God in my life, He guides me through one obstacle after another, and I face challenges fearlessly without relying on others. I am thankful for the voice that urged me not to lose the flyer, the sister who invited me to church activities, the brothers and sisters who shepherded me, and most importantly, God, who has always supported and uplifted me. Amen.

And these are my favorite Bible verses: 

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Romans 5:3-5)

我是Gigi, 中文名字是鄭梅枝。從小我就不喜歡這名字,因為沒有女孩子的名字只是一條樹枝,所以一直不敢大膽大方的 向人介紹自己的名字。名字是母親起的,也就不敢告訴她不喜歡。母親一生勞碌,她沒怎麼上過學,在工廠裡做基層女工直到退休。她對我也沒什麼期望,但求我安安穩穩的長大成人,結婚生子就算了。所以她並沒有刻意栽培我,搭建關係網,給我鋪好前路。可偏偏我卻是一個心比天高的人,不希望像母親那樣一生在工廠裡度過。總覺得只要讀好書,勤奮點,在外面多認識些有能力有權勢的人,就能改變自己的命運.

所以我真的很用功。雖然母親不能供我上正規大學,但我自高中畢業後就繼續半工讀,先後在國內完成大專和本科課程。工作上很認真負責,但總覺得缺少了有實力的靠山,沒有人提撥扶持,所以做來做去都做不出成績,賺不了錢。年輕的我總感覺人生處處是高牆,不知道出路在哪裡,就好像走在迷宮裡到處碰壁。試過找那些以為有才能,有權勢的人來依附,結果被坑的更慘。年紀稍長了,認清自己的背景和身世是怎樣也不能突破 ,便灰心了,麻木了。那時就覺得媽媽是對的,女孩子應該安分守己的結婚生子就算了。從那時起就“誠心”的篤信佛教,拜偶像,背佛經。認為自己信的是真道,不是迷信,甚至還以佛經教訓其他求神問卜的人。現在想起來也覺得可笑。這樣就過來許多年,結了婚,生了子,也移了民。


就在2014 和15年的復活節前,我們一家在屋崙唐人埠行街的時候,都收到了屋崙神的教會關於復活節活動的宣傳單張。第一年,我把單張帶回家裡,然後就不知道放哪裡了。第二年我再次收到單張的時候,似乎有把聲音提醒我,“不要再弄丟這單張了“。我還記得在活動當日,出門前我還在猶豫“去,還是不去?去了,會不會讓人以為我要貪小便宜。不去,好像對不起當日登記我電話的那位笑得很甜的姐姐”。結果,我還是帶著兒子參加了第一次的復活節活動。活動期間,雖然我感覺屋崙神家跟我想像中的教堂不一樣,但很熱鬧,組織的很好。最重要的是我兒子說玩得很高興。教會裡的每一個人都很熱情,鼓勵我繼續帶兒子來。之後我先是把兒子送到教會上課,後來受到了各位弟兄姊妹的鼓勵和傳福音,自己也開始了信耶穌,接受神的祝福。


我移民來美已有十一年,神就陪伴了我八年。這些年間,我們夫妻還是要很努力的工作,以保證收入穩定維持家庭開支。我一直肩負多項全職:母親,老師,和學生。兒女越來越大了,也越來越難教了。但很寶貴神聽我的禱告,祂教我只要相信,在主內便沒有難成的事。神的恩典和祝福常常在滋潤我,讓我在再困難的時候都可以向祂傾訴,在祂跟前卸下重擔。因為現在的我有神,祂帶領我走過一個又一個難關,勇敢的面對前面的挑戰,而不需要尋找依附的人。感謝那把叫我不要再弄丟單張的聲音,感謝邀請我到教會參加活動的姐妹,感謝不厭其煩牧養我的弟兄姐妹,感謝一直幫扶提拔我的 神。阿門。


不 但 如 此 , 就 是 在 患 難 中 也 是 歡 歡 喜 喜 的 ; 因 為 知 道 患 難 生 忍 耐 ,忍 耐 生 老 練 , 老 練 生 盼 望 ;盼 望 不 至 於 羞 恥 , 因 為 所 賜 給 我 們 的 聖 靈 將 神 的 愛 澆 灌 在 我 們 心 裡 。 (羅馬書 5:3-5)

Guo’s Story of Faith | 國輝的見證

I’ve been following Christ for over twenty years now. One of the reasons I believe in Him is the vastness of the universe. It’s just too huge and complex not to have a Creator. And the beautiful creations and their harmonies in this world also point to an intelligent Designer. The Bible confirms that God is the Creator.

Another reason for my faith is that life would be meaningless if our sole purpose were just to live on this earth for a few decades. All our effort to build our families and relationships would eventually fade away. Therefore, I believe life must have a greater purpose, and I can only find it from my Creator.

I also think all humans have a built-in desire to seek and worship God as if it’s a fundamental characteristic encoded in our DNA.  I believe it is because we are created in God’s image, as the Bible has stated. Therefore, people would naturally come to seek God’s help in their times of need.

These reasons led me to start my journey of faith in Christ. According to Hebrews 11:1,

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

That definition has helped me a lot on my journey.

Of course, I’ve had moments of doubt. God is intangible and invisible, after all. Sometimes I prayed earnestly, and it felt like my prayers went unanswered. But even with these challenges, I’ve held on to my faith in Jesus. My past experiences with God have strengthened my resolve, and hearing the inspiring testimonies of other believers has helped me stay on track. I truly believe that God loves all of us and has an incredible plan for each of our lives.

我信主耶穌已經二十多年了。我相信祂的原因之一是因為這樣浩瀚的宇宙和世界上一切的事物是如此美麗和諧,當中一定有一位偉大的創造主去創造這一切。 而聖經證實神就是造物主。

我相信的另一個原因是,如果我們生存的唯一目的只是在這個地球上生活匆匆幾十年。 我們付出建立家庭和一切地上關係的努力最終都會消失。那么生命將毫無意義。因此,我相信人生一定有一個更大的目的,而我只能從我的造物主那裡找到它。

我還認為所有人都有一種天生尋求和敬拜神的渴求,就好像這是我們 DNA 中編碼的基本特徵一樣。我相信這是因為如聖經所說,我們是按照神的形象被造的。因此,人在有需要的時候,很自然會想到要尋求神的幫助。

這些原因促使我開始了對基督的信心之旅。信心是什麼呢?聖經裡也有答案。 希伯來書 11 章 1 節 – 「信是所望之事的實底,未見之事的確據」


Danny’s Story of Faith | 友龍的見證

Hello, I’m Danny. I have believed in the Lord Jesus for over thirty years. I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States in my thirties. Time has flown by, and I’ve lived in the US for more than 20 years now.

Before I believed in Jesus, I was a utilitarian person in Hong Kong.  I was primarily focused on making money and had three jobs at one point. Due to my poor academic performance, I was eager to earn more money as fast as I could. Unfortunately,  I also picked up the habit of smoking, drinking, and gambling during my work, and I had no real goals or direction in life.

But one day, a colleague invited me to a gospel meeting in church, and I attended. In fact, I had attended a Christian school when I was in primary school. I took it for granted that I knew many of the Bible doctrines. Initially, I was just socializing with my colleagues, and I did not expect much from this invitation to church.

But that was a special day. I remembered that the speaker was teaching about biblical sciences. As I listened, something inside me clicked, and I realized that there must be a Creator behind this world. I also remember noticing a beam of light shining through a hole in the corridor canopy (our church was poor then), and at that moment, I realized that so many things around us already existed. Still, we didn’t pay attention to or study them.  It was then that I made the decision to believe in God.

Since that day, I have continued to pray, read the Bible, and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Through these experiences, I have fully understood and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. One verse that has particularly touched me is –

“He who loved me and gave Himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

The biggest change in my life since coming to know the Lord has been a shift in my values. I no longer place such a high importance on money and have learned that simplicity can bring true happiness. I have realized that what we have is already abundant and that it is important to appreciate and be content with what we have.

I hope that each of you will have the opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus Christ into your life. He is the true God and can be experienced in a very real and personal way. Amen!

你好,我是友龍. 我信了主耶穌有三十多年。我在香港出生,大約三十歲移民來美國。 轉眼都在美國生活了二十多年。

我未信耶穌之前, 其實是一個好功利的香港人。 比較喜歡賺錢。我試過同時間有三份工作。因為讀書成績不好, 只是想盡快多賺錢傍身。 當然在工作期間也學識了食煙,飲酒,賭錢。 基本上沒有什麼人生目標, 更加不知道什麼事人生意義。

不過有一天,有同事邀請我去一個福音聚會。  其實我本身在小學的時候都是就讀一間基督教小學。理所當然以為自己識了不少聖經或者道理。剛開始的時候都只是應酬一下同事,對這個聚會沒有什麼期望。

但是那一天好特別,因為我記得那一位講員講的是聖經科學道理。我才發覺這個世界可能真是有個創造者在背後。 我還記得因為當時教會比較貧窮, 在走廊簷蓬有一個洞。陽光曬了一條光柱出來。我當時發覺原來我們身邊有好多事物早已存在,只不過我們沒有留意或者研究 。所以當時我選擇了相信有神。後來再不斷地禱告, 看聖經,與弟兄姊妹相交, 才完全明白及接納了主耶穌基督為我的救主。 因為有一句聖經很感動我, 就是 –

「祂是愛我,為我捨己」 (加拉太書 2:20)

我信主後最大的改變,是不再這麼看重金錢。明白了簡單也是一種幸福。要多看看在我們的手裏已經擁有了很多東西。願你們都有機會去接受主耶穌基督。 祂是真神, 是能夠經歷的。  願你們也有機會真正的去認識祂。阿門!

Edward’s Story of Faith | 若龍的見證

Hello, I’m Edward, a biologist with a deep interest in the origins of life and the universe. Despite studying physics and biology, I could not find the source of everything or the meaning of life. I used to feel insecure and lacked confidence despite being praised for my height. I felt mediocre and had no unique talents or abilities, which made it hard for me to see my value or purpose in life.

I hoped to make more friends in high school, so I started attending church with my sister. Unexpectedly, I met Jesus and learned about His sacrifice on the cross for my sins. This experience deeply moved me, and I confessed my sins, repented, and accepted Jesus as my savior. Since then, my ordinary life has been filled with God’s love and forgiveness, and He has guided me through every stage of my life.

Even during stressful times, such as the Hong Kong A-Level exams and university entrance exams, my faith and constant prayers gave me peace. After finishing my last exam, I knew that Jesus was my Lord for life, and I decided to follow Him and be His disciple.

After graduating, I came to the United States through the miraculous “immigration lottery.” In addition to working, I dedicated myself to building the Oakland Church and helping people find the answers to life through faith. Through this journey, I found that God is the beginning of everything and that the meaning of life can only be found in Christ.

The Bible says, “Seek, and you shall find.” Matthew 7:7.

I hope that through our testimonies, you may begin your journey of seeking God.





信主後我沒有變超人,更沒有成為聖人。而我這個凡人的生命中卻充滿了神的愛和寬恕。在人生中每一個關口都有祂的帶領。還記得面對香港A-Level全港大學公開試的壓力甚大,但因信了主,常常祈禱,反而覺得比中五會考更平安。考完最後一課心裏滿有感動。我認定所信的耶穌就是我一生的主。 我下定決心一生跟從主,作祂的門徒。