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“Meet Jesus – 遇見耶穌” 信息系列

“Meet Jesus – 遇見耶穌” 信息Podcasts
“Meet Jesus” Sermon Podcasts

“Why We Believe – 信仰的根據” 信息系列

“Why We Believe – 信仰的根據” 信息Podcasts
“Why We Believe” Sermon Podcasts

Yan Tsui’s Story of Faith | 徐茵的見證

Hello, my name is Yan Tsui. When I was born, my mother left me with my grandma. However, I’m thankful for the love my grandma showed me, which made my childhood carefree and joyful. When I turned five, my grandma passed away, and it was then that I reunited with my mom. She brought me back home, and that’s when everything changed.

I became a quiet and introverted child, often lost in my own thoughts. Growing up was perplexing, and I couldn’t comprehend why my mother treated me the way she did. Our household was constantly filled with my parents’ arguments, creating a chaotic atmosphere. My mother used to call me Siu Ha, which sounded similar to Siu Han, implying that she wouldn’t mind if I weren’t there. I carried a heavy sense of being a burden to her. Consequently, I made every effort to be a well-behaved child, assisting with chores and caring for my younger siblings from a tender age. I began working at the age of 13 and entered into marriage at 22, hoping for a happy family, but life proved to be challenging. We frequently encountered conflicts and disagreements, burdening my heart with sorrow. At times, I found myself silently shedding tears in the quiet of the night, feeling the weight of life’s difficulties. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the love and support I received from my in-laws and sister-in-law.

Then, I found Jesus, and it transformed my life. I no longer had to face life’s struggles alone. Instead, I learned to trust a loving and compassionate God. I believe He guides and cares for every aspect of my life. With God in my heart, I discovered inner peace and became a joyful person. I’m thankful for the church, the family of God, where we support and love one another. Undoubtedly, having faith in God doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free journey, but as I reflect, I see God’s quiet blessings and protective presence in every hardship. What’s even more precious is knowing that God is with us, and we hold on to eternal hope.

As Romans 15:13 beautifully expresses,

‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

大家好,我叫徐茵。我一出世我媽就把我拋棄,放在外婆那兒,我從沒見過她。但感恩我有外婆疼愛,所以我一直是個無憂無慮快樂的小孩。直至5歲的時候,外婆走了,媽媽才接我回家。從此我變得不一様。我變得孤僻沈默,總是自言自語。我的成長過程中充滿迷惘和疑惑。我不明白媽媽為什麼要如此對我。家裡父母總是吵吵鬧鬧,混亂不堪。加上我媽改我的名字叫”少霞”,聽起來意思像是沒了也好閒,使我常感覺自己拖累了她。所以我好努力做一個乖孩子,年紀小小就帶著弟妹買菜煑飯。我13歲就出來工作,22歲結婚。我以為從此會有一個幸福家庭,誰知還是坎坷難過。彼此常有磨擦和紛爭, 心裡常常很難過。有時只能在半夜靜靜垂淚,感覺無夸坎坷,但感恩有公婆姑奶的疼愛。


正如羅馬書15: 13所說


“i Can do it – 凡事都能作” 信息系列

“i Can do it – 凡事都能作” 信息Podcasts
“i Can do it” Sermon Podcasts

“我們在天上的父” 信息系列

“我們在天上的父” 信息Podcasts
“Our Father in Heaven” Sermon Podcasts

Sermon Schedule 信息時間表:

  • 6/11/23:
    Knowing the Father
  • 6/18/23:
    完全的父 – 1
    The Perfect Father – 1
  • 6/25/23:
    完全的父 – 2
    The Perfect Fathers – 2
  • 7/9/23:
    作父的兒女 – 愛你的父
    God’s children – Love Your Father
  • 7/16/23:
    作父的兒女 – 事奉你的父
    God’s Children – Serve your Father