Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank God for giving us the new meeting place. Our missions are:
1. To reach out to the world with the love of God by preaching the Gospel and participating in charity work
2. To teach and practice the teachings of the Bible
3. To love, worship and serve God
4. To build a loving family of Christians

May God bless the whole church to accomplish our missions. Often when a family moves into a new home, you would find things missing, unorganized, or not working. There is no difference for our church moving. Thank you for all the suggestions and opinions. We see how pretty God put us together since everyone sees things differently. We value your suggestion and opinion. This page is set up to track all the open issues and how we resolve them. Please leave your suggestion and opinion about the new meeting place in the comment.

The church is working on addressing the following issues:

Open Issue Resolution
Emergency evacuation Will define a short term plan by end of 2010. Will investigate a longer-term plan next.