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Ecclesiastes IV

What Worth Enduring?

Goal: Understand that unfairness, oppress, and evil happen in this world. Learn to view and endure these circumstances in God’s way
Key Passage: If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still.
1)    Have you seen any of the unfairness / oppression / ironic matter? What is your thought on Solomon’s saying in Eccl 4:2-3?
2)    How do you face these matters in life? Share your own opinion (you can draw inspiration from chp 4-5)
Key Take Away:
a.    God will bring into judgment, both the righteous and the wicked
b.    Success, wealth, popularity are futile. c.    Two is better than one – Treasure relationship – spouse, b/s,
family, friendship.
•    Don’t fret/upset on evil/unfairness. Bring it to God and turn it into urge to seek God and help people.
•    Do something to treasure your relationship (e.g., with spouse, b/s)
Pray with a b/s for each other o Express appreciation and encouragement

Eccl Intro Note

Life Lessons of King Solomon

再 者 , 傳 道 者 因 有 智 慧 , 仍 將 知 識 教 訓 眾 人 ; 又 默 想 , 又 考 查 , 又 陳 說 許 多 箴 言 。傳 道 者 專 心 尋 求 可 喜 悅 的 言 語 , 是 憑 正 直 寫 的 誠 實 話 。12:9-10

這 些 事 都 已 聽 見 了 , 總 意 就 是 : 敬 畏   神 , 謹 守 他 的 誡 命 , 這 是 人 所 當 盡 的 本 分 12:12

09/18 What worth chasing? (ch. 2)
09/25 What worth waiting? (ch. 3)
10/02 Prayer Meeting
10/09 What worth enduring? (ch. 4-6)
10/16 What worth enjoying?
10/23 What worth toiling?
10/30 What worth risking? (ch. 11)
11/06 Prayer Meeting
11/13 What worth remembering? (ch 12)
11/20 The Conclusion

Question: Do you in general agree with what King Solomon see in life and his conclusion. What one additional step you may want to do for God/church.

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