07/17. The only one and only (John 14:1-14) [ch. 5]
Lesson Objective: To discover God’s reliability and to commit to living with a constant awareness of his presence in your daily life.

1. CALM ASSURANCE (JOHN 14:1–4). Jesus had just delivered disturbing news to the disciples—he was leaving them. What they needed was assurance, not an explanation. He offered assurance by telling them that he would prepare a place for them in heaven. The secret to peace in any situation is total trust in Jesus Christ.

a. What are some of certain things in your life?
b. What are some other things by which you determine your direction in life
– ambition, possessions, popularity, appearance, family/friends, emotions, career

2. TROUBLING CONFUSION (JOHN 14:5–11). Three years as Jesus’s closest friends wasn’t enough to comfort Thomas, Philip, and the others. Thomas took Jesus’s figurative language literally and missed the point. Philip expected Jesus to pull back the cur- tains of heaven revealing God to the disciples. Both disciples were well intentioned, but confused.

a. What troubling situation are you facing right now (consider these areas: Home, relationship, career, spiritual life)

3. LIFE SIMPLIFIED (JOHN 14:12–14). Jesus never intended for our faith relationships with him to be complicated; he wanted us to have a simple faith. Life is simplified when our needs are in line with God’s will. Jesus never offered to give us everything we want; he offered to answer prayers that are in line with his purposes. Once we are in right relationships with him, we will cease praying selfish prayers. We will focus on serving and pleas- ing him.

a. Discuss how believers determine between needs and wants. Point out how our spiritual lives will be improved when we pray for the things that matter to Jesus rather than those things that we want.

b. Is you faith religion-based or relationship-based? explain your response