Seminar Objective: To discover that God is in the midst of every detail of life—no matter how small—and to commit to trusting Him in every situation.

Read Isaiah 40:18-31. God was disrespected by his followers. They ignored the obvious and chose to worship inanimate objects rater than the living God. In this passage, God seems appalled that the Israelites could experience all they had been through and yet turn to idols rather than the creator. They know the stories of the crossing of the Red Sea and David and Goliath. They had seen God do incredible things in their lives, yet they ignored him. Now they were whining because they were suffering the consequences of their actions.

a. Discuss some of the ways people respond when they begin experiencing the consequences of their disobedience.
b. When was the last time you whined to God? In retrospect, was whining the best option? Why or Why not?


a. write a modern paraphrase of verses 18–20, substituting con- temporary idols for those listed in the passage.


b. Discuss modern evidence of God’s activity and how God’s actions should affect the faith of those who claim to be his children.


a. Discuss how God’s people can grow in the midst of waiting for God. Identify some of the sources of spiritual growth that are available.

b. What is one situation that you want to give to God right now? How has this situation been affecting your life?