We hope to provide the church family a place to fellowship with each other after church meeting. Kitchen and the multipurpose room are the essential areas for brothers and sisters to prepare food, eat, chat and play together. We encourage brothers and sisters to make the best use of the kitchen while following the guidelines that are designed to maintain a well-coordinated and friendly environment for all groups to use.

Sunday is the church meeting day. The volume of the usage of the kitchen and multipurpose room is the highest on Sundays. The church kitchen does not have the capability to serve all groups to cook a meal at the same time. For this reason, on Sundays, the ovens and stoves are reserved for reheat purpose only. To ease and maximize the usage of the ovens, we strongly recommend each group to put the food into the ovens for reheat during break time so that lunch will be ready after meeting.

General Guideline

Group Use

The church kitchen is allowed for group use only. During church meetings, cooking is not allowed for safety reason.

  • On Sundays, ovens and stoves are reserved for reheat purpose only except special church event.
  • Strongly recommend you to set up ovens for reheating food during break time.
  • For safety reason, the stoves can only be used after meeting as it requires continuous attention.
  • Group sign-up is required prior to the use of the stoves and ovens.
  • Must finish cooking and clean up within your reserved time with an exception that no group reserves after you.
  • Please clean up after use.

Sign-up Procedure

It is recommended to have a designated person from each group or the group leader to sign up so that he or she will be the main contact for any follow up after use of the kitchen.

  • Sign up the date, time and your group name next to the oven and stove your group want to reserve
  • You must finish cooking and clean up within your reserved time.
  • Initial in the sign up sheet once you clean up the kitchen after use.
  • Strongly recommend you to finish the use of kitchen 30 mins before meeting starts so that the group can have time to enjoy the meal and quiet down before meeting starts.

A sign-up sheet will be put on the countertop looks like this:

Date : ___________ Time: _______ to _________ Group Name Initial after clean up
Stove A ( all LEFT hand side stove) Alpha mc
Stove B ( all RIGHT hand side stove)
Oven #1 (2 in 1 Top oven) Young Parents
Oven #2 (2 in 1 Bottom oven) RiseFC
Oven #3 (Under the stove)

Personal Use

Microwaves can be used for reheating your personal meal.