Main Hall and Meeting Rooms

Nursery/Toddlers/Preschooler Rooms


Who do I go to when I have a question?

A: Please see the contact list.

Can I have the key to the meeting place?

A:  For security reasons, only a few people will have the keys to the meeting place. If you think you need a key , please contact your group leader.

Can I use and stay in the meeting place outside the meeting times?

A:  Yes. You are welcome to stay in the meeting place to hang out and build relationship with brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, if all the key holders are leaving the meeting place, you may be asked to leave as well. (TB fixed)

Who should I contact about issue in various rooms

A: See this table

Can I park in the disabled parking in front of the main entrance?

A: No, unless you have the disabled parking permit. Although the parking area is owned by the church, the city police will make citation on vehicles that violate the disabled parking code.

What do I do if I want to share some news/announcement  with brothers/sisters?

A: You should consult with your group leader what is the best venue to announce such news/information.  If it is advised to be announced during the church announcement time, refer to “How to request news/information be added in the church announcement list” FAQ.

Can the meeting place be rented out to brothers/sisters or their friends for personal use?

A: TBD until process is defined.

What do I do if I am the last person leaving the meeting place?  Is there a checklist?

A: Please refer to the church safety checklist for details.

What do I do when I notice the church supplies are running out such as toilet paper, bowls/cups/forks/spoons, etc?

A: Please contact <…>

How can I help buy church supplies and get reimbursed?

A: You always need volunteers to help buy church supplies.  Please first contact <…> to obtain the church supply list and the preferred shops to buy them.  If an item is not listed in the church supply list, please consult with <….>.  The church will only reimburse the cost of items listed in the church supply list.  See the general expense reimbursement.

What do I do if my friends or myself have items to give to the church?

A: Please contact <….>.

Main Hall and Meeting Rooms

Can I eat or drink in the main meeting hall?  How about other rooms?

A:  No food or drink is allowed in the main meeting hall for sanity purpose, with the exception of water in a closed container.   Same rule applies to the nursery room.  Light snacks are allowed in the rooms on the second floor.

Can I move the chairs in the main hall to my preferred location?

A:  No.


Can I cook during meeting time, so my group can have lunch right after meeting?

A: No cooking is allowed during meeting time.  Oven and stoves are reserved for group use and reheat only.  We recommend to make use of the break time to put your trays in the ovens to reheat.  Refer to the Kitchen User Guideline and  the “how to sign up kitchen for group use” FAQ for details.

Can I cook outside meeting time?

A: Yes when it meets the following criteria:
1. Cooking for the group use when it is outside meeting time.
2. The group leader or representative needs to sign up the time slot.
3. The kitchen and all utensils must be cleaned after use.
4. The cooking must be done an hour before meeting begins.
5. The kitchen must be cleaned half an hour before meeting begins.
For example, if you want to prepare breakfast before Sunday meeting, you must finish cooking by 8:30am and clean up by 9am. Refer to the Kitchen User Guideline and the “how to sign up kitchen for group use” FAQ  for details.

What can I use to reheat food?

A: You can use microwaves to reheat food.  Stoves and ovens are reserved for church and group use but not for personal use.  Refer to the Kitchen User Guideline and  the “how to sign up kitchen for group use” FAQ for details.

Can I use the church refrigerator to store my personal stuff?

A:  The church refrigerator will be cleaned every Monday and personal stuff will be discarded.  You are welcomed to store your perish items in the refrigerator during meeting and take them home before you leave the church.  Otherwise, they will be removed.

Can I bring my own utensils (mug, bowl, plate, etc) to be environmental friendly?  Can I leave them in the kitchen cabinet for my personal use?

A:  Protecting the environment is what we should strive for.  We encourage you to bring your own utensils for lunch and other meal and take them home every time.  You should not leave your own utensils at church; or they will be removed.

What do I do if I want to add utensils or kitchen appliances to the church?  e.g. coffee marker, toaster oven, pots, turner etc.

A:  Our goal is to keep the kitchen equipped with the necessary utensils and appliances that adequately serves the church use.  A team has been formed to manage the kitchen and its necessity.  Please contact the team lead (Doreen Lam) about your request.

Nursery/Toddlers/Preschooler Rooms

Who can use the nursery room or toddler/preschooler room?

A: The nursery room and the toddler/preschooler room are dedicated to young children and their parents use.  In order to keep the rooms clean and safe, only young children, their parents, and teachers can go in these rooms at all times.

Can I visit the nursery room or the toddler/preschooler room during meeting?

A: We strongly recommend you not to visit the nursery room and toddler/preschooler room. Visitors will distract the young children and interfere the teacher’s routine.  If you need the teacher’s attention, please knock on the door.


How to request reimbursement of church expense?

A: TBD – online form will be created.  In the mean time, please contact Kawai Lau.

How to request a church receipt for my donation?

A: The church issues a yearly offering receipt for b/s in the month of January each year.  Please contact Virginia Tam for any special request w.r.t. offering.  For receipts of other kinds (e.g., run4orphans), please contact the organizer of the charity event who will coordinate with the church accounting team to issue the receipts.  It’s advised not to contact the church accounting team directly.

How to sign up kitchen for group use?

A: Using the kitchen reservation form

How to request news/announcement be added in the church announcement list?

A: Please contact Irene Wong to inform her the announcement (preferably 2-3 days before Sunday)