Dear brothers/sisters,

A more comprehensive evacuation plan is being developed. In the meantime, please use the following evacuation guidelines. If you have evacuation plan suggestions, have access to other evacuation plans, or would like to participate in the development of an evacuation plan, please let Mandy Chung know.

In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with the following interim plan:


1. During a TEST evacuation: …..
2. ACTUAL evacuation: Fire alarm will sound.


1. Remain calm and announce evacuation is in progress.
2. How do we know the attendance?
3. Exit the building in an orderly manner per evacuation instructions mounted on wall in the meeting room.
4. Immediately after exiting building, go to a pre-determined area outside the church and remain there until all safe signal is given. The pre-determined area could be etc. All preschoolers and children are to evacuate to a predetermined area near the fenced area adjacent to the church parking garage. Teachers should notify parents of pre-determined area prior to an evacuation occurrence.
5. Upon arrival at pre-determined area, take roll and account for all those attending your meeting. Notify Danny Chan of any missing people.
6. IMPORTANT: No one is to re-enter building until the all-safe signal is given (All safe signal: Danny Chan announces All-safe).


During Sunday communion (aka breadbreaking), parents must follow this special guideline to help children on the second floor to evacuate:

1. Remain calm and a parent of each child goes to the second floor using the main staircase.
2. Take your child and exit the building in an orderly manner by the emergency exit. Do not use the main staircase to exit to regulate the traffic flow.
3. After exiting the building, go to the fenced area adjacent to the church parking garage.
4. Same as number 5 above.
5. IMPORTANT: At most one parent of each child can go to the second floor. The other parent should follow the evacuation instructions above and remain outside the building. The parents should discuss and agree who will help their child evacuate prior to an emergency occurrence.