1. General Information

This table lists the main contacts for the church facility as well as other services. Should you have any question or comment, please contact the person responsible for the specific meeting room or church service.

1st Floor
Main Hall Edward Long
Nursery Room Irene Wong
Kitchen Doreen Lam
Multipurpose Room Calvin Ko
Church Office Kam Ming Tse
1st Floor Storage Room Brian Tam
2nd Floor
New Believer Meeting Room Edward Long
BCF Rooms Kawai Lau
Library April Wong
Toddler/Preschooler Room Doreen Lam
Room 201 Calvin Ko
2nd floor Storage Room Kawai Lau
2nd Ladies Room Lounge Irene Wong
All other rooms and Facility Danny Chan
Church Announcement Irene Wong
Church Supplies Mandy Chung (acting)
Audio/Visual System Edward Long
Internet and Web site Calvin Ko

2. Rooms in the Church Facility

Main Hall and Meeting Rooms

No food and drink are allowed in the main hall with the exception of water. Light snacks are allowed in other meeting rooms.

Nursery Room

The nursery room is for infants along with their corresponding parents use. Eating and drinking are allowed for babies in the nursery room; water-only zone for parents and others.

Toddler/Preschooler Room

The toddler/preschooler room is for children over 1 year old to 5 years old. Our goal is to provide a safe and clean environment to foster young children to grow in Christ. To avoid distraction to the young children and interfering to the teacher’s routine, no visitor is allowed during church meeting.

BCF Rooms

BCF rooms are for the Bethany Children Fellowship use. Children of age from 5-8 and 9-12 will use these rooms.

3. Kitchen and Multipurpose Room

We hope to provide the church family a place to fellowship with each other after church meeting. Kitchen and the multipurpose room are the essential areas for brothers and sisters to prepare food, eat, chat and play together. The following provides the guideline on using the kitchen and multipurpose room to allow every one enjoying the fellowship at the church.


Sunday is the church meeting day. The volume of the usage of the kitchen and multipurpose room is the highest on Sundays. The church kitchen does not have the capability to serve all groups to cook a meal at the same time. For this reason, on Sundays, the ovens and stoves are reserved for reheat purpose only. To ease and maximize the usage of the ovens, we strongly recommend each group to put the food into the ovens for reheat during break time so that lunch will be ready after meeting. For safety reason, the stoves can only be used after meeting as it requires continuous attention.


The church kitchen is allowed for group use only. Each group must sign up for any use. You are strongly recommended to sign up in advance to help other groups to plan accordingly. During church meeting, cooking is not allowed. Please plan wisely when you should begin cooking and leave enough time to do the clean up so that you can have time to enjoy the meal with brothers/sisters and quiet down before meeting starts.


The refrigerator is cleaned once a week. Any personal item will be discarded. Please do not leave any personal item in the refrigerator to avoid any food being wasted.

Dining Area

You should use the multipurpose room as the main dining area and use the kitchen area when additional dining space is needed. Please move the tables and chairs back to the original place after use.

The group is responsible to clean the kitchen and the multipurpose room area after use. Please move the tables and chairs back to the original place after use. Please do not leave any stuff in the open area that may result in an uncleaned area remained for the next meeting. The janitor does not clean any area where used or unused stuff are left behind and tables and chairs left open. Your assistance will greatly help maintaining the cleanliness of the church facility.

4. Church Safety

The windows in this building are old. We recommend to keep all windows closed for safety reason and better maintainence.

Last person leaving the facility….
We are not allow open any window.

1. 2/F Turn off air condition
2. Closed all the curtain
3. Turn off all light switch
4 Turn off all of the Fan.
5. Make sure double lock the main door.

1. 1/F Turn off air condition
2. Closed all the curtain
3. Turn off all Sound system.
4. Turn off all appliance in the kitchen.
5. Turn off all light switch ( There is some light can’t turn off )
6. Turn off all fans.
7. Make sure the main door is locked.
8. Lock the Parking Lot Gate.