Volunteers Needed

The following are a few positions the church is looking for volunteers to help run vital day-to-day operation. Please contact Mandy if you’re interested.

Position: Church Supplies Manager

Job Description
To ensure that various day-to-day supplies are available. The church provide several supplies for the members to use, including trash bags, liquid detergent, hand towels, hand soap, toilet paper, seat cover, bowls, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, rice etc. The church supplies manager is responsible for checking the inventory level of each item and contact the shoppers to buy supplies when the level is dropped to a low threshold.


  • Ensure the church supplies are available
  • Maintain and update the list of church supplies along with the recommended retail store and price for each item
  • Coordinate with the church shoppers to buy church supplies
  • Coordinate with the church shoppers to find the best deals for the church supplies
  • Monitor the usage of the church supplies

Position: Church Shoppers

Job Description
Purchase church supplies as informed by the church supplies manager. Costco, Walmart and Smart & Final are the three main stores the church will buy the supplies from.


  • Buy the items that church needs regularly
  • Inform the church supplies manager of any best deal so that he/she can update the recommended retail store for different items

Position: Attendance Taker

Job Description
This role is responsible for taking attendance of the Alpha brothers/sisters in the church and group meetings including Wednesday prayer meeting, Friday fellowship and Sunday meetings.
The information will be collected and rolled up for the church-wide statistics. As our church grows bigger, it is important for the church to maintain the attendance list so that we know the situation of b/s.


  • Fill in the attendance sheet who attends the church meetings for the Alpha group

Meditation Book for Wed sister group

1. Chapter 2 (pdf)
2. Chapter 3 (pdf)